Saleh heads to Saudi Arabia to attend Mecca summits

Editorial date:: 2019/5/30 13:54

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – President Barham Salih left Thursday for Saudi Arabia to attend the four Arab emergency summit meetings and the Organization of the Islamic Conference summit in Mecca.

The Gulf and Arab summits, which Saudi Arabia has called for in an emergency, are due to kick off in Mecca today, with the 14th summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) scheduled for Friday.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim arrived in Jeddah yesterday to participate in the preparatory foreign ministers’ meeting of the 14th session of the Islamic summit.

The preparatory meeting is to prepare for the fourteenth session of the Islamic Summit, which will be hosted by Mecca on the 31st of this month, as well as the extraordinary Arab summit on the thirtieth of this month (today).

The ministerial meeting is also expected to discuss a number of regional and international issues of concern to Islamic countries and issues of joint Islamic cooperation.


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