Iraqi Trade» converts half of its profits to the treasury of the state

The slogan of the Iraqi Trade Bank «Economy News»

Economy News Baghdad

The Iraqi Trade Bank announced the transfer of half of its profits of 106 billion dinars to the State Treasury.

“The external auditor has completed the audit of the financial statements of the bank for the year 2018, where 50% of the net profits of the bank for the year 2018 were transferred to the public treasury of the state equivalent to (106,445,010,000) (one hundred and six) One billion four hundred and fifty-five million and ten thousand Iraqi dinars). ”

“Our bank is working and growing at a steady pace to develop its business and strengthen its work inside and outside the country, which contributes to increasing the financial work it provides and in turn leads to increased profits,” he added.

He pointed out that “from this principle we work hard and firm to strengthen the state treasury on a continuous basis to support the government steps and comply with the directives of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, which directed the institutions of the state to work to maximize national production in all sectors and return in turn positive outcome on our beloved country.


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