Siemens is developing Iraq’s electricity and setting its goal

Date of release:: 2019/5/29 14:24 • 158 times read

The German energy company Siemens said on Wednesday that work on the implementation of contracts for the first phase of the development of electricity in Iraq has begun. The aim is to provide affordable power supplies without interruption.

The company said in a statement today that it “has already begun to work in the implementation of contracts of the first phase of the contract with the Ministry of Electricity to add new capabilities to generate energy efficiently, and the rehabilitation of existing power plants, and expansion of networks of transmission and distribution of electricity.

The statement added that “the company provided the Iraqi government for more than a year the road map to provide electricity to be able to sign the first contracts with them,” asserting that “the main goal of Siemens is to provide energy supplies at reasonable prices without interruption to every Iraqi home and everywhere within Iraq”.

The company said, “It has succeeded in setting up the largest projects in the world such as the projects that have been completed in Egypt, and they know very well how to deliver projects according to the schedule and the budget set.”

While stressing that Germany is committed to support Iraq as well as “Siemens”, and therefore will cooperate with the German government in providing a number of training and educational programs for Iraqi

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