Minister of Finance reveals the numbers of employees and retirees before and after 2003

10:50 – 29/05/2019



The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance Fouad Hussein, on Wednesday, the existence of 6.5 million employees and retirees in the country, noting that the number of employees before 2003 did not exceed 850 thousand employees.

“The number of employees before 2003 was only 850,000,” Hussain said in a televised interview. “The number has now risen to 6.5 million and retired.”

He added that “the lack of support of the private sector contributed to the inflation of the public sector and the state apparatus,” noting that “supporting the private sector is a substitute for inflation of the state apparatus.”

Hussein pointed out that “the settlement of salaries is an important step,” stressing that it “will contribute to the detection of space and withdraw money from the market to banks.” Ending / 25

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