Iraqi armed factions sign a pledge to US forces

2019/05/26 06:08:35

The head of the unified council of the tribes of Baghdad and the six Sunni provinces, Raad Suleiman, on Sunday, the signing of a number of leaders of armed factions in Iraq, a pledge to the American side.

“A number of militia leaders in Iraq have signed a pledge to the American side that they did not target US forces or bases in Iraq in the event of a military war between America and Iran,” Sulaiman told Twilight News.

He pointed out that “the signing of the leaders of these militias, comes out of fear of the US forces in a qualitative operation targeting the elements and leaders of these militias in case of war,” stressing that “the military war between Iran and America will break out, and this is no secret to anyone.”

The Iraqi politician Mithal Alusi, on Sunday, a proposal to the three presidencies, on the role of Iraq as a mediator between the United States and Iran.

“Iraq plays the role of mediator. It is good. It is good that the Iraqi leadership take care of the security and safety of the neighboring country. Iraqis understand the meaning and seriousness of the wars,” Alusi told Asharq Al-Awsat. “Iraqis support all calls for dialogue, coexistence and peace.”

Addressing the leader of the Umma Party three presidencies, the leader of the Umma Party said: “You knew, and on behalf of the State of Iraq and the sovereignty you are talking, let our mediation and intervention to protect the Iranian regime be conditioned by the commitment and respect of the Iranian regime to the sovereignty of Iraq and the withdrawal of their militias and their weapons of war. Stealing budgets and destroying Iraqi national institutions. ”


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