Halabousi: The naming of ministers of defense, justice and education has been resolved .. And the interior is in place

25-05-2019 07:57 PM


The head of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi, on Thursday, that vacant ministerial posts were resolved without the internal that remained in place.

“The US embassy in Baghdad has informed the government that it is the reason for the Iraqi mediation between Washington and Tehran to resolve the issue of sanctions,” Halaboussi told al-Madar.

He added: ‘The issue of candidates for the ministries of defense, justice and education have been resolved between the political blocs, but the interior is in place’.

Halaboussi pointed out that ‘the post of adviser to the Prime Minister for Security Affairs’ will be abolished.



4 thoughts on “Halabousi: The naming of ministers of defense, justice and education has been resolved .. And the interior is in place

  1. Hey Walter,
    This sure does sound good!!
    I always struggle with the translation.
    “BUT the Interior is in place.”
    So is he in place or not in place?
    It appears the other 3 positions are filled.
    Are the already voted in or just agreed upon?
    I welcome any explanation one can give,
    Mrs. G


    • Hey Mrs. G… Truthfully, this is the first article I’ve seen on this, so I am not so sure it is valid… yea, the translation tends to get wonky sometimes. The blocs may have agreed, but I don’t think anyone is in place (IMO), just yet..


  2. Thanks Walter!
    I appreciate you, your hard work posting articles and sharing your thoughts and opinions.
    Mrs. G


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