Parliamentary Finance: We have completed amendments to the law regulating the spending limits for local and central governments


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The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced on Thursday the latest amendments to a draft law regulating the financial powers of disbursement to both local and central governments and other positions.

Committee member Abdul Hadi Saadawi told Al-Maaloumah that “the committee received earlier from the law of financial management from the central government for the purpose of making amendments to it and approve it.”

He added that “the Financial Management Act regulates the financial powers and limits of payment to local governments and the central government and other positions,” noting that “the Committee completed all amendments for the purpose of presentation and discussion and then vote on it.”

He added that “the law will be presented during the coming sessions in the event of the Presidency approved the continuation of the meetings or included in the agenda of the meetings after the Eid.”Ended 25 and

المالية النيابية:اكملنا تعديلات قانون ينظم حدود الصرف للحكومات المحلية والمركزية


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