Central Bank of Iraq

May 23, 2019

Small categories

To all banks ( small categories )

We would like to inform you that this bank continues to provide you with small categories of the Iraqi currency by withdrawing the funds from your current balances. If you have any questions or comments, you can email us at the following address ( followup and followup.iss@cbiraq.info )


3 thoughts on “Central Bank of Iraq

  1. Hey Ralph,
    50, 250, 500 & 1000 are not the LOWEST of the lower Denoms but maybe we could say they are “middle range” lower Denoms.
    So should we consider this as a baby step forward getting this Currency out?
    Thanks for ALL the articles!
    Mrs. G


  2. Dear Mr.Walter, how are you hope all is well, I have a bit question with you , Which one small denomination CBI is pumping, and 50 Dinar Note is new small currency issued by CBI???
    Please explain what’s big going on in the coming days.
    Few days ago IMF Pass Article IV please explain how much its beneficial for us or it could be any effect on currency reinstate??
    Please give me a message on Whatsapp No. +923067222249 for early access with you, Waiting your Prompt reply.


    • Mr. Haroon, I wish I had more information to give you, but I do not know which of the denominations the CBI is putting out.. Surely, it is not the 1,5,10’s, etc… as there has not been any revaluation.
      I wish I could explain what is happening in coming days, as I just post articles and have no insight other that what I post..
      Sorry, I cannot offer more in terms of explanation.


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