Sadr movement calls for “mass demonstration” Friday

Editorial date: 2019/5/21 15:13

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} called the Sadrist movement, to a demonstration “mass” Friday evening next.

“In support of Iraq’s security and peace, as well as its distancing from regional and international conflicts, and to spare it the scourge of war in the region, in which Iraq should not be a party, and to push the government, but all in this direction, to preserve the interests of Iraq,” said a statement by the central committee overseeing popular protests in Iraq. And its people and its future, at a critical stage, and international conflicts and ambitions threatening the entity of the homeland and its existence, we call on our Iraqi people to embark on a mass peaceful demonstration on Friday, at nine o’clock pm.

The statement pointed out that the demonstration will be “all in his province, excluding the province of Najaf.”


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