Disclosure of the details of the hosting of the Ministers of Finance and Trade in Parliament

2019-05-21 18:25:59

A member of the Finance Committee of the parliamentary on the axes hosting the Committee, the Federal Ministers of Finance and Trade, while noting that Baghdad will not cut the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region.

The website of the Patriotic Union of Sherwan Mirza said that the Committee, and by order of the Presidency of the House of Representatives hosted today the Ministers of Finance and Trade in the federal government, noting that the meeting included the discussion of 3 axes.

He added that the first axis included discussing the issue of non-delivery of the Kurdistan Region oil to the company Sumo and receivables of the financial region, while the second axis discussed the ration card items and how to distribute to citizens, adding that the third axis included the search of financial dues of the farmers of the Kurdistan Region for the years 2014, 2015, 2016 .

And that the Baghdad government will wait for a decision of the Court of Cassation to have a peremptory role, and a second decision of the Council of Ministers to pay the amounts, noting that the Federal Trade Minister confirmed during the meeting, The amounts owed to the farmers, amounting to 299 billion dinars exists as cash liquidity and not as a financial allocation.

The member of the Finance Committee, said that during yesterday, the heads of Kurdish blocs to Abdul Mahdi that if the allocation and financial abundance will pay the dues of farmers in the Kurdistan region, and that the payment of the amount requires a final decision of the court after discrimination and a decision of Abdul Mahdi, and will be spent in the future.

On the oil file, a member of the Finance Committee said that the Federal Finance Minister pointed out during the meeting, to the existence of a crisis in the oil file between Baghdad and Erbil, and the problem is confined between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Oil, which is an old problem and not modern, and in terms of sending amounts as salaries to the Kurdistan Region, , According to a member of the Finance Committee, “sent the financial amounts as salaries to the staff of the region according to the budget law,” noting that “the interpretation of the budget law is so, according to Article 10 of paragraph C”.

The member of the Finance Committee pointed out that there is an urgent and binding need in the Kurdistan Region to send a high-level delegation to Baghdad to discuss and end the crisis of the oil file and the budget, stressing the need to show good faith and the need to end the differences before the preparation of the 2020 budget and start to search the oil file.

On the issue of sending the government of Baghdad salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region, he said that Baghdad did not address the severance of salaries of regional staff, noting the salaries allocated according to the budget law, but is used by some political parties to pressure the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on the subject.


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