Sadr meets Sistani at his house in Najaf

Sadr meets Sistani at his house in Najaf

 Policy    2019/05/16 22:58  340      

Baghdad today – Najaf

A source in the province of Najaf, on Thursday (May 16, 2019) that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, visited the house of the supreme authority, Ali al-Sistani, in Najaf.

The source said in an interview with (Baghdad today), that Sadr visited Sistani, a visit to Ramadan, did not discuss the political situation or other in the country.

The visit comes one day after the events in Najaf, which killed a number of supporters of the Sadrist movement, who took part in a demonstration against former leaders of the current, accused of corruption.

Earlier, a video circulated by activists on Facebook showed Sadr in a taxi in a street in Najaf.


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