US embassy issues clarification on latest actions on Iraq

Release Date: • 05/16/2019

The US State Department ordered US non-emergency government employees to leave Iraq immediately, whether at the US Embassy in Baghdad or at the US consulate in Erbil.

“In view of the growing series of threats we are witnessing in Iraq, which the Iraqi government informed us during the visit of the US Secretary of State on May 7 and through subsequent contacts, the US Secretary of State decided to include the mission in Iraq to leave non-essential staff from the US Embassy in Baghdad and the consulate American in Erbil. ”

“We regularly review and evaluate the safety, security and operations of our facilities around the world,” he said, noting that “we decided that the binding departure order would be appropriate in light of current security conditions.”

“To take these decisions lightly, the safety of US government employees and US citizens is a top priority for the State Department,” the US embassy spokesman said.

“We are confident of the determination of the Iraqi security services to protect us, but this threat remains serious and we want to reduce the risk of harm,” he said. “We remain committed to partnership with the Iraqis to further our common interests.”

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