Abdul Mahdi, his visit to Turkey tomorrow and reveals contingency plans for any escalation of the Iranian American (expanded)

Editorial date: 2019/5/14 23:14

Baghdad: Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, his planned visit to Turkey on Wednesday, “revealing” contingency plans in Iraq for any escalation between the United States and Iran.

“The government is proceeding according to the specific dates and its governmental platform,” Abdul Mahdi said in a summary of the weekly press conference. “We reviewed today the cabinet the timing we presented in a hundred days, and the march is ongoing and stable and solid and strong despite all the difficulties and problems.”

“We have taken control of the flood issue with great and joint efforts and all the dams and waterways have been controlled and our water reservoirs have risen and this reservoir will rise more and this is important for the coming years,” he said. “We continue to receive crops from farmers and farmers. Which is an important step for the development of the agricultural sector. ”

He said Abdul-Mahdi ”

“We have discussed with the ambassadors of Germany, Britain and France the escalation in the region and the issue of sanctions on Iran and the attempts at calm. There is high level coordination in this regard, and our travel to Germany and France helped reach many participants. We also discussed with the US Secretary of State in this regard and discussed the issue of protecting Iraq and preventing The danger and the role that can be played in the calm and alleviate the crisis, and Iraq today is a key element in the meetings of the discussion. ”

“Tomorrow we will have a visit to Turkey at the invitation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and its contents will be deep and rich, and we will discuss with the Turkish officials the security file and the issue of mistreatment and the non-use of Iraqi territory to attack another country and the situation in the region and the existing escalation and how to avoid it, But also make us parties involved, and we will also discuss the issue of border crossings and the situation in Sinjar and economic files and the issue of water and all matters of Iraq. ”

He pointed out that “we discussed in the National Security Council the issue of reducing the number of detainees in the departments of reform and detainees in general, which is important for their families and to reduce the material costs that are made in this subject,” stressing, “we move forward on the issue of the resettlement of salaries because most of the causes of corruption is not to settle salaries and the use of paper currency Which allows many of us to cheat, corruption and bribery. ”

He pointed out that “the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption discussed the issue of combating drugs and smuggling of oil,” announcing that “we have directed a special committee to follow up and resolve the subject of the delayed contracts and follow-up procedures on this matter, and this topic is the attention of the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister in particular.”

“We have contingency plans if there is a dangerous escalation between the United States and Iran, and we are discussing with the parties and helping to avoid slipping into a dangerous slide because everyone will pay a heavy price. From both sides that things will end well. ”

He pointed out that “the private sector can absorb the unemployed and provide job opportunities that we helped through investments and expand and facilitate the investment environment, and we are working to create giant projects and strong through investment.”

He pointed out that “the state is a state of public service and must be productive, and in the current form, the state is unproductive and lax, unless we adopt the principle of investment and encourage agriculture, livestock and manufacturing industries, all areas of employment to introduce more labor.”

He said: “We can not build a rumor or a position to say that this is true and this is a mistake, and who has evidence and documents on corruption to submit to the Supreme Council to combat corruption,” stressing “the issue of petrodollar imports must be settled and we have to resolve this issue radically, Performance and projects “.

He stressed that the security situation in Iraq is stable, and we explained this to the US side and updated the information we have. We have not recorded serious movements that pose a threat to anyone, and the government is concerned with the protection of all of Iraq and Iraq can not be the basis for attacking anyone.


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