Kuwait finances the reconstruction of an Iraqi border port


Editorial date: • 2017/5/12 17:33 
{International: Al Furat News} Iraq and Kuwait agree on Sunday to rebuild the port of Safwan and provide infrastructure through Kuwaiti funding.
“Baghdad and Kuwait signed the memorandum of understanding between the two sides, which will clarify the definition of the obligations of each side to work the only land port between the two countries,” the border crossings authority said on Sunday. 
An Iraqi delegation of 15 officials arrived in Kuwait on Saturday, headed by Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim, to lead the work of the joint Iraqi-Kuwaiti ministerial committee. 
Baghdad and Kuwait resumed their relations in 2003 after the overthrow of the former regime by US-led international forces. 
The port of Safwan represents the land crossing linking Iraq to Kuwait and lies within the administrative borders of the oil-rich province of Basra, 590 km south of Baghdad, and offset on the Kuwaiti side port Abdulali border.
The Iraqi authorities seek to develop the port of Safwan border, in light of the numerous complaints from traders and truck drivers, some of which relate to the poor conditions of the port and the other because of the methods of administration and collection of fees from them. 
The border crossings between Iraq and neighboring countries are a major trade line, especially since Iraq has six countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Iran, and is the only way to transit exports and commodities. According to official Iraqi reports, land ports contribute more than 50% of the volume of trade. 
The trade exchange between Iraq and neighboring countries has been affected for years, as a result of the security situation and wars
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