Heritage University hosts the 6th Day of Financial Inclusion Week



Economy News – Baghdad

The Heritage University in Al-Mansour region on Tuesday hosted the activities of the sixth day of the financial inclusion week with the participation of 21 banks and a number of financial companies under the supervision of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and the Central Bank of Iraq.

Al-Ahli Bank, Mashreq Al-Arabi, Al-Huda, Trust, Ashour, the Middle East, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Al-Rajah Islamic, Jihan and Al-Rafidin, as well as Arab and Asian companies such as Hawala, Amwal, Zain Cash and Smart Card.

Within the framework of the Sixth Day of the Week of Financial Inclusion, the celebration of the Iraqi Private Banks was launched on the land of the Heritage University. These banks offered free offers and services to students, teachers and university employees, as well as their banking education.

A number of e-payment companies also raised awareness of the services of MasterCard and Visa Card, explaining how to benefit from them, as well as distributing gifts in which $ 100 was paid as a gift to visitors.

In cooperation with the private banks through the Association of Iraqi Private Banks through the provision of halls for the purposes of training on the land of the university, in addition to the proposal to open educational and awareness sessions between the university and private banks.



3 thoughts on “Heritage University hosts the 6th Day of Financial Inclusion Week

  1. Can anyone explain here which kind of financial inclusion they are education to peoples on daily basis , sometime in university or college and seminar why ????


    • Haroon, in my opinion they are “educating” the university students & showing them the benefits of having a bank account..
      They will teach their parents & children of the benefits having bank accounts- hopefully if they ever revalue their currency they will be prepared.. it does beg the question, why now!?


  2. But in my opinion , 25 days back one seminar was held at university , their are 3 professor of the university gave their idea about deleting 3 zeros and its describe benefits as well, I am think is that they are educating their new generation about how the new currency dinar and its use , because 28 years Iraq has face war & war so this banking people , like financial inclusion they etc thy are washing Iraqi people brain from bomb & rocket and introduce the new development of the country , if any one has agree with my thought hit me a like ..


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