Hussein, with the Chinese ambassador, to re-activate the road to ensure the movement of goods easily


Release date: 2019/4/29 18:57 
The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance Fuad Hussein discussed the re-activation of the Belt Road to ensure easy transport of goods between the countries of the region during his meeting with Chinese Fiancist Zanq Tao and his accompanying delegation.
“The deputy prime minister congratulated Tao on the occasion of his new position as ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Iraq,” a statement from Hussein’s media office said. 
“During the meeting, they exchanged views on strengthening economic relations and developing trade balance between Iraq and China,” the statement said. 
“Zank Tao stressed the keenness of his country and Chinese companies and businessmen to participate in the reconstruction and construction campaigns and provide the necessary assistance to ensure oil for investment,” the statement added. 
The statement added that “the two sides discussed the importance of re-activating the road belt, what was called the Silk Road to ensure the smooth movement of goods and goods between the countries of the region.” 

He also reviewed the work of Chinese companies in Iraq and some obstacles to their work and the two sides discussed solutions to overcome these obstacles.
The meeting was attended by the Political Advisor, the Commercial and Political Attachés of the Embassy and the Advisor to the Committee on Economic Affairs. is over


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