Babylon succeeds in production of oil wells, according to specifications of the American Petroleum Institute

One of the products of the Babylon Cement Factory money and business

Economy News Baghdad

Babil Cement Factory in the Southern Cement Cooperative Company of the Iraqi General Company for Cement announced on Monday the achievement of high production capacity in the production of cement oil wells (B) and (G) with specifications corresponding to the American Petroleum Institute (API).

“The factory has equipped the Southern and Central Oil companies and Maysan with large quantities of cement oil wells and was able to enter into direct contracts with the Chinese companies that have licenses in the provinces of Dhi Qar, Maysan and Basra to equip them,” said Assistant General Manager Mohamed Hassan Naji in a statement read by the economy news. (10) thousand tons. ”

He added that “the production plan for Babil cement plant reached (5000) tons per month and will witness an increase in production to (8000) tons per month to secure the need of the Ministry of Oil,” stressing that “Babil Cement plant will be a successful and profitable laboratories after achieving the plan set under the guidance and follow-up of The management of the General Company for Iraqi Cement and the support of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals that the plant has become specialized in producing the finest types of cement oil wells B (B) and (G) certificate API (API).

Naji said, “Achieving the plan to produce (5000) tons per month of Noura material used in the manufacture of Thurston and limestone, but it suffers from weak marketing because of the entry of imported imported non-good and non-controlled material, which led to the difficulty of selling and marketing the quantities produced,” pointing to “The formation of a committee of the Ministry of Industry and the Southern Cement Cooperative to monitor the border and prevent the import of material Noura with the existence of protection by the imposition of customs duties and seek a government decision to prevent import, especially as the plant can meet the full local need to be locally produced The failed response has been stated. ”


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