Association of Banks organizes the activities of the fifth day of financial inclusion at the University of Nahrain

Aspect of effectiveness


Economy News – Baghdad

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks organized in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq at the University of Nahrain on Monday the activities of the fifth day of the week of financial inclusion, with the participation of 27 banks and financial companies, which provided various banking services to university students.

The fifth day of the financial coverage activities was organized according to the plan presented by the Association of Iraqi Private Banks at Al-Nahrain University (Faculty of Business Economics).

Today, 27 banks and a number of financial companies went to the Faculty of Business Economics for the purpose of providing banking services and information, as well as providing services to students, teachers and staff at the College.

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There was a high turnout of students who wanted to use modern electronic payment technologies (smart cards).

The current banks have opened current accounts for students in Mani, in addition to distributing free electronic payment gifts, in addition to educating the graduate students to benefit from a project to finance the opening of small and medium enterprises, in addition to urging teachers to settle their salaries in banks.

Such awareness events are best set up on a seasonal or permanent basis for the purpose of reducing the gap between citizens and banks and creating a banking society, thus completing economic growth.


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