US Central Command: Our combat presence in Iraq will be long-term



Information / Baghdad …

The commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth Mackenzie, said Saturday that his country’s combat forces will be in the territory of Iraq long-term, between the US forces will withdraw from Syria gradually.

“We are confident that our presence will be long-term in Iraq, and our presence in Iraq is to combat terrorism,” McKinsey said in an interview with Sky News. “The best long-term solution to groups such as” Effective local security “.

“In the long term we will reduce the number of our troops in Syria, and this will be done with caution,” he said.

The political blocs have announced, on Saturday, its intention to host the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi and security leaders on US interventions in Iraq. End 25 T

القيادة الأمريكية الوسطى: وجودنا القتالي في العراق سيكون طويل الأجل


Foreign Office calls on the US Embassy to delete its offending publication

Editorial Date: 2019/4/27 23:58

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Iraqi Foreign Ministry followed the publication issued by the US Embassy in Baghdad, which represented a violation of diplomatic norms and international rules governing the work of missions in host countries.

“The deployment of a diplomatic mission in Iraq to publish leaflets targeting one of Iraq’s neighbors, and its religious or political symbols contradicts the principles of the Iraqi constitution and Iraqi foreign policy, especially the principles of good neighborliness and the policy of exclusion,” the ministry said in a statement. On the axes in foreign relations, and non-interference in the internal affairs of all countries. ”

He added that Iraq adopts a policy based on the basic principles that its territory is not a corridor or a platform for harming neighboring countries or friendly countries or harming any of them, whether by means of media, economic, commercial, military or security.

He pointed out that ”

The Foreign Ministry stressed that “the missions operating in Iraq must respect the rules and international norms in their actions, and take into account in carrying out their duties the Constitution of Iraq, and its relations with all neighboring countries” demanding “the US Embassy to delete the offensive publication and refrain from issuing such publications in the future; Harms Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries and friendly countries. ”

government delegation includes a number of ministers to visit the Kurdistan Region

Twilight News

one hour ago

A delegation of the federal government on Sunday, a number of ministers, is scheduled to visit Erbil, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Bashir Haddad said Saturday.

Haddad said in a televised statement that the government delegation will hold meetings with the Kurdish leadership in order to address all outstanding problems between Arbil and Baghdad.

According to Haddad, the federal delegation includes ministers of planning, industry, trade and culture and a number of other ministers, as well as the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Chairman of the Iraqi Investment Commission and a number of other officials.

He pointed out that these and officials will meet with their counterparts in the Kurdistan region, for the purpose of greater coordination and understanding of the purpose of dealing with the problems between Erbil and Baghdad.


Blackwater returns to Iraq with a new name and official license



BAGHDAD (Reuters
) – The US company Paz Ved published documents to license a foreign company in Iraq under the name Frontier Service Group, which it said belonged to the owner of Blackwater, which was operating in Iraq during the US invasion.
The new company, based in the United Arab Emirates, belongs to Eric Prince, which he founded in Hong Kong to work in the field of “logistics” in 2014.
The company is supposed to operate in the southern oil city of Basra to secure oil transfers, .
Blackwater was expelled from Iraq after abuses and field killings committed in the country during the US invasion, and got contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
For the first time, Prince acknowledged that he attended a meeting at US President Donald Trump’s office, in which American and Israeli figures participated and a delegate from both Saudi Arabia and the UAE in 2016. 25

“بلاك ووتر” تعود للعراق باسم جديد وترخيص رسمي

Abdul Mahdi, an Iraqi parliamentarian: the number of American soldiers 10 thousand fighters and adviser


Abdul Mahdi reveals to one of the MPs the number of American troops in Iraq

Baghdad Baraa al – Shammari

27 April 2019

BAGHDAD ( Reuters) –Iraqi lawmaker Faleh al-Khazali revealed the number of US troops in Iraq as Iraqi lawmakers continue their efforts to pass a law to remove US troops.

He stressed that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi told him the presence of ten thousand US troops between a fighter and an adviser on Iraqi territory, calling for a statement to put an end to what he called reckless US in Iraq.

He continued: “I asked a parliamentary question to the Prime Minister about the American forces and the number and bases, and the answer that the number of nearly ten thousand fighters and an adviser,” explaining that the truth is much greater.

It is noteworthy that this is the first time that the official disclosure of the number of US forces in Iraq by this number, as the previous estimates indicate the presence of about five thousand fighters, the Iraqi government says they are all advisers, and did not comment the government until Saturday morning on the story transmitted by the MP for Prime Minister.

Al-Khazali, a deputy of the “Building” coalition, called for an end to the American recklessness in Iraq by removing all foreign forces from the country, noting that an Iraqi Federal Police fighter was killed by US bombing near Kirkuk in northern Iraq. When 30 Iraqi officers and soldiers were killed by similar US bombing.

He added that “the intentional targeting of the religious authority by the American Embassy is a disregard for our beliefs,” pointing out that there is a determination to put an end to what he called “folly” the United States.

The US embassy in Baghdad on Friday attacked Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, describing the Iranian regime as “corrupt.”

 “Corruption is rampant across all parts of the Iranian regime, starting with the summit,” the US embassy said in a leaflet on its front page. “The property of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is estimated at $ 200 billion.”

Meanwhile, a well-informed parliamentary source said that members of the Building Alliance (which includes the popular factions and other parties) began a campaign on Saturday to collect signatures to include a project to remove US troops from Iraq in the coming sessions. To the presence of anger by the coalition (building) of the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad on Khamenei on Friday.

But politicians believe the issue of getting US troops out of Iraq can not be that easy.

A member of the wisdom movement Ali al-Rafi’i said that Iraq is like other countries in the region has strategic understandings with America, stressing to the “new Arab” that the American presence in Iraq is being approved by the government, and Baghdad can not compromise its relationship with America easily.

The Iraqi parliamentarian Mohammad Karim has confirmed to the “new Arab” earlier that Iraq is working to distance himself from US control, stressing that his country can not accept to submit to American hegemony for any reason.,15700023,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhgilSaDJOS536sZBXZpvtXDsKvhLw

MPs gather signatures to include “US violations” on the agenda



A number of members of the House of Representatives began collecting signatures to include the latest “American violations” and targeting the federal police forces in Kirkuk province on the agenda of today’s session, a parliamentary source said.
“A number of members of the House of Representatives from different blocs have gathered signatures to include the latest American violations on the agenda of today’s session and to take a decision on them,” a parliamentary source told Al-Maaloumah.
The source added that “the House of Representatives will consider taking a position on these violations and vote on a resolution in this regard.” Ending / 25

نواب يجمعون تواقيع لإدراج “الخروقات الأميركية” على جدول الاعمال


Deputies: Parliament will host Abdul Mahdi on Monday

 Politics    27.04.2019 15:04  193    Editor: ht     

Baghdad today – Baghdad

On Thursday (April 27, 2019), MP Naim al-Aboudi announced the intention of the House of Representatives to host Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in the parliament building next Monday.

“A number of MPs have submitted a request to the second deputy chairman of this session, Bashir al-Haddad, to host Abdul Mahdi, on the foreign presence of international forces in Iraq and the latest air strikes,” Abboudi told a joint news conference with deputies from the reform and reconstruction of the council building.

He added that “the deputy speaker of parliament promised that the hosting will be next Monday,” pointing out that “the signatures collected by deputies from different blocs and the number of 65 deputies, as well as that the request meets all legal requirements.”

Parliament announces receipt of the names of candidates for two ministries vacant of Abdul Mahdi and likely to vote on them soon

 Politics    27.04.2019 9:16  1104    Editor: aab     

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The decision of the House of Representatives Khadija Ali, Saturday, April 27, 2019, that the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, sent a formal letter to parliament by nominating names for the Ministries of Justice and Education and according to the agreement of the political blocs.

Ali said in a statement published by the semi-official newspaper that the “House of Representatives recognizes the names of candidates of the Ministries of Education and Justice by the Prime Minister, to put them to vote,” indicating that “the names of candidates put in accordance with the agreement of the political blocs.”

She pointed out that “the candidate of the Ministry of Education, is Safana Hamdani, and the candidate of the Ministry of Justice, Judge Arkan Kader,” likely that, “the vote on the names of candidates this week.”

And expected the House of Representatives that “the names of the candidates of the Ministries of Defense and Interior, be sent by the Prime Minister after the vote on candidates for education and justice.”

“The book, which was sent to the House of Representatives on candidates for education and justice, said that the choice was made in agreement with the political blocs.”

On April 23, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi expressed his hope that the political forces would resolve the names of candidates for vacant ministries soon.

“We look forward to ending the political forces to resolve the names of candidates for the vacant ministries soon, after reaching the end of this file,” Abdul Mahdi said at his weekly press conference.

The Prime Minister: “Upon receipt of the file names and lists formally we will send it to integrity and then parliament, to end the issue of forming a government.”

And still political differences to block the passage of candidates of the four ministries vacant in the cabinet cabin of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, namely the Interior, Defense, Justice and Education, while confirming the reports and reports of the arrival of the political blocs during the past few days, to understand the advanced in this regard.

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks organizes the event of the second day of the Financial Inclusion Week

Side of events


Economy News _ Baghdad

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks, on Friday evening, organized the activities of the second day of the week of financial inclusion, with the participation of 25 private banks, government and a number of electronic payment companies, on the land of Baghdad Mall.

The number of banks and electronic payment companies participating in the events 25 banks and companies, namely the Iraqi Trade Bank TBI, Al-Ahli Iraqi, Levant, Huda, Trust and International Development, Ashur International, Al-Ansari, Iraqi Islamic, Middle East, Islamic World, Al-Obd, Bank of the Mediterranean, Iraqi and International Islamic Union, Arab Islamic Bank, Baghdad, Smart Card (Key Card), Amwal Company, Al Arab Company and Zain Cash.

The director of administration and training in the Association of Iraqi private banks, Ahmed Hashemi, in an interview with “Economy News”, that the effectiveness today witnessed a wide participation by banks in addition to a good turnout for citizens to identify the products provided by banks and electronic payment companies, “adding that the participating banks To clarify to the public the importance of the bank in the development of the economy and support projects, in addition to how to open bank accounts and the use of electronic payment tools.

Hashemi added that “today saw the opening of accounts for free for citizens and the distribution of a number of gifts, including electronic payment cards.”

For his part, the Director of the Department of Awareness and Public Protection of the Islamic World Bank Fahd teacher, in an interview with “Economy News” that the bank today provided banking facilities to the public through the opening of bank accounts, indicating that a draw was made and the distribution of a number of gifts to citizens submitted by the bank.

“The objective of the Bank’s participation in the activities of the Week of Financial Inclusion is to introduce all segments of the community to the banking services we offer to our customers.”

“The Bank’s efforts continue to enhance the public’s confidence in the banking sector through the bank’s awareness campaigns organized by the bank throughout the year in public places and universities,” said Hussain Ahmed, Director of Awareness Department at Ansari Bank.

He pointed out that “the role of the Association of Iraqi private banks today is to increase familiarity between banks and joint cooperation among them to promote the reality of the banking sector and reach a common goal is to raise the confidence of citizens in Iraqi banks.”

At the end of the events, a lottery was held in which more than 150 citizens won, including electronic payment cards and electronic devices.

Rafidain Bank announces the distribution of salaries of employees of a number of state departments of the holders of Master Card

Date of release: 2019/4/27 10:20

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Rafidain Bank announced the distribution of salaries of a number of ministries and state institutions through electronic payment tools.

A statement issued by the bank, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “the salaries of the salaries of employees of some ministries and state institutions of those who were settled salaries with the bank and holders of electronic card Master Card.”

He pointed out that “the bank continues to pay salaries according to specific contexts and dates.”

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