Trump asks OPEC to cut prices and oil to air

Date of release: 2019/4/26 17:53

US President Donald Trump said on Friday he was continuing with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and asked them to cut oil prices.

“Gasoline prices will fall,” Trump told reporters. I continued with OPEC, I told you to lower prices. You have to reduce it. ”

The price of Brent crude fell to $ 71 a barrel after hitting a two-day high in 2019 and recording more than $ 75.


4 thoughts on “Trump asks OPEC to cut prices and oil to air

  1. The Iraq government debt keeps growing and they are having trouble paying employees. Their credit rating slipped from a B to -B. Graft is rampant. Trump is telling OPEC to cut oil prices. Recent increased use of enhanced-recovery practices in the Permian Basin has resulted in a substantial impact on U.S. oil production which can release more oil than the oil in Egypt. How can Iraq possibly pay monies out for a RV? I know Iraq keeps buying tons of gold which can back their Dinars but the country is going downhill. The good news is my Great-great- great-great grand children will inherit my dinar and be wealthy.


    • Hang on Gene, their country is doing well. 😉👍
      They are making all kinds of deals with a bunch countries.
      One article says Iraq will be a top oil producer by 2030..!
      They are working on rebuilding their country & hopefully they will see a revaluation-
      Yea- hopefully we’ll get to see the revaluation before leaving it to our grand kids!!
      We’ll keep looking!
      Take care!


  2. Thanks, Walter, You are the bright light in the fog of my dense vision. I just turned 81 and want some of the pleasures of the RV while I am active and young enough to enjoy.


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