banks participate in the activities of the second day of the week of financial coverage

Side of events. “Economy News” Banks

Economy Baghdad News
The events of the second day of the Week of Financial Inclusion took place at the Baghdadi Cultural Center in Al Mutanabbi Street on Friday.
The event was attended by 14 public and private banks offering free services to the public from opening an account, electronic payment cards and others.

The director of the banking outreach section of the Iraqi Islamic Bank, Marwa Algha, told the “Economy News” that the purpose of financial inclusion is access to services for low-income, and so such events are an important opportunity for new banks to reach the public.

She added that this is the third participation of the bank and we have provided a variety of banking services during the three years.

“We encourage the electronic payment culture through the electronic cards that we distribute in these events,” Aga said.

In turn, the director of the financial inclusion project in Rafidain Bank Jalal Ahmed, in an interview with “Economy News”, that the bank wants through this participation to deliver electronic payment services to the public through smart cards, and through the latter can get advances and services launched by the bank. 

He stressed that the Bank’s efforts continue to enhance the public’s confidence in the banking sector through the banking awareness campaigns organized by the bank throughout the year in public and residential areas.

Ahmed added that during the second day, the bank introduced the new service that will be launched by the bank, which is issuing the MasterCard card from the bank rather than the offices, enabling customers to make withdrawals and cash deposits.
He pointed out that at the end of the day we took a draw in which three citizens won three bank accounts and the amount of 50 thousand dinars as a gift.

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