Financial Inclusion Week

Aspect of effectiveness


Economy News _ Baghdad

The activities of the first day of the week of financial coverage, Thursday, under the supervision of the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks, on the land of the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Baghdad, with the participation of 30 private banks and government and a number of financial transfer companies.

The events witnessed the provision of services free of charge to the students of the college and introduce them to the banking services they offer to citizens, distributing electronic payment cards to students and opening accounts for free for students and distributing a number of gifts.

The number of banks participating in the events 30 banks and electronic payment companies, namely Rafidain and Rashid and the Iraqi Bank for Trade TBI and the Iraqi National and International Development and Zain Iraq and Ashur International and the Arab East and Islamic guidance and Islamic trust and the Union and the Middle East and the Islamic south and Nur Iraq, Byblos, Ansari, Orr, Co-operation, Al-Rajah, Commercial, Jihan, Al-Iqbal Al-Islami, Mansour, Bank of the Mediterranean and Arab Islamic, Zain Cash, Smart Card, Amwal, Arab and Asia Hawala.

The banks participating in the event explained to the students the importance of the bank in developing the economy, supporting the projects established by the students after graduating, as well as how to open bank accounts and use electronic payment tools.


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