Expert: Iraq is about to make a major economic change on one condition

Editorial date: 2019/4/25 21:01

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Economic expert Safwan Qusay, that Iraq is about to change a large economy in the event of survival in the area of stability.

He said Qusay {for the Euphrates News} that “the current government is trying to be a stable area of Iraq and has recently become a breeding ground for foreign investment after the security of the security,” noting that “the real investment if not entered into the legitimacy will lose the opportunity available, and Iraq has a huge untapped energy on Level of all sectors “.

He added that “Iraq’s openness to the Arab system, especially that the power of this system has enormous financial capacity, there are more than 700 million dollars surplus in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, an attempt to diversify the sources of funding to discuss various employment opportunities to absorb unemployment.”

“If the government succeeds in staying in the stability zone, we will see a significant change in the scope of projects,” Qusay said.

As for tribal conflicts and their impact on investment in Basra, the economist said: “Recently, we have seen the expression of the self in an illegal manner, the problems may be small and do not cause concern. Basra is the economic capital of Iraq,” adding that ” Especially if the province is affected by any stability reflected on investors may be withdrawn from investment. ”

“The current conflicts in Basra are not currently a concern for investment, which is supposed to put an end to such conflicts and avoid giving an inaccurate impression on the province and its people.”

“The way of thinking has changed by mobilizing savings through private and public banks, but this is not enough to assume direct investment with countries, especially in the regional environment,” he said. “Iraq is the axis of convergence of international interests. And the major countries seeking internal investment, and what we need to start we have to restore infrastructure through investment. ”


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