Abdul-Mahdi to an American senator: Our forces have become more powerful and pursuing a hustler in the desert

Editorial Date: 2019/4/25 23:50

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Prime Minister Adel Abdulmahdi received in his official office today a US Senate delegation headed by Senator Matt Romney, which includes Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democratic senator and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee.

“The situation in Iraq has improved and our relations with the surrounding countries have developed a lot and Iraq is a unified element and a point of attraction and convergence. Our priorities focus on establishing security and stability, strengthening the economy and improving the services and infrastructure that were destroyed during the years of wars that the Iraqi people lived and planned,” he said. Is continuing to encourage the private sector, industries and production and not just consumption and import. ”

“The Iraqi forces have become stronger and more capable than before and continue to pursue the remnants of Daas in the desert and remote areas.”

“The United States is an important country and we have a strategic framework agreement and we look forward to the contribution of its companies to building and rebuilding Iraq and supporting the Iraqi economy,” he said.

“I am pleased to see Iraq with this security stability, economic growth and normal life in the cities, which are very different from what they were, and the Iraqis have great opportunities to work and build under the unity of Iraqis and to reject differences, stabilize the situation and improve external relations,” he said.

While Senator Chris Murphy said that economic opportunities are increasing in the face of stability, and that US companies are ready to participate in the efforts to build and strengthen the economy. ”

The meeting discussed relations between the two countries and reviewed the developments of the situation and the improvement of the security situation in Iraq and the vision of the future government for various political and economic issues.


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