Abdulmahdi ‘s economy and American delegation discuss several economic files


Abdulmahdi and an American delegation discuss several economic files
 Twilight News    
 26 minutes ago

(Reuters) – Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi received in his official office Wednesday a US Senate delegation led by Democratic Senator Tammy Duckurth.

“We aim to build a strong independent Iraq and we have detailed plans and programs to strengthen the economic situation, attract investment, build factories, provide jobs and achieve reconstruction that the Iraqi people aspire to,” he said. “The war against Da’ash is not only the Iraq war but the whole world war because a threatening threat threatens all countries.”

“Iraq is a big country with a history and depth of civilization and qualified to take a big role in the region,” said Dukurth. “Iraq is a long-term strategic partner and we care about its security, independence and sovereignty.”

“We are happy with your success and the promotion of democracy in Iraq and we see in Iraq a great and united university force for the various visions and it is the only country capable of playing this role and promoting dialogue that serves security and stability in the region,” said independent member Angus King.

The delegation includes Republican senator from Georgia, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator John Isaacson, an independent senator from Maine, a member of the Armed Forces Intelligence Committee, Angus King, and US Embassy Charge d’affaires Joy Had.

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