Parliament announces its support to all Iraqi inventors, innovators and innovators

Local | 12:12 – 23/04/2019


The House of Representatives announced on Tuesday its support for all inventors, innovators and innovators across the country.

The Information Office of the Vice-President of the First Council Hassan al-Kaabi, in a statement received / Mawazine News / a copy, “Al-Kaabi received today, in his office Commissioner Ali Zamel Hussein and Almnssob to the leadership of border guards, and who received many golden decorations during the local and international events as One of the most distinguished inventors in the country. ”

Al-Kaabi called on Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to “provide all kinds of support and motivation for the country’s inventors, innovators and talents in the military, scientific, technical, industrial and other fields.” He stressed that “ministries and institutions of industry are keen to embrace these capabilities and national capabilities Their creative skills and employ them in the best way. ”

The deputy speaker thanked the Interior Ministry and the Border Guard Commander, Hamed Abdullah Ibrahim, for the full support and encouragement of Zamel and for facilitating the selection of the authorized delegate to represent Iraq in international forums. 

Al-Kaabi said that “the existence of creative national talents such as Commissioner Zamil and embrace them through their institutions, is a pride for us as people and legislative and executive powers,” expressing “the support of the House of Representatives all the possibilities available to all inventors, innovators and innovators across the country, .anthy 29 / a 43


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