Mr. Ammar al-Hakim to an American diplomat: Starving peoples is a futile policy and can not solve differences

Editorial Date: 2019/4/23 12:11

The head of the Coalition for Reform and Reconstruction, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, discussed with the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Baghdad, the developments of political affairs in Iraq and the region, and the bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States of America and means of enhancing them to serve common interests.

A statement of his office received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim stressed during the meeting “on the departure of Iraq from international axes and his national interest and the interests of the people of his people is the compass in his relations with everyone.”

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim stressed that “the policy of economic sanctions and starvation of peoples is a useless policy and can not be adopted in resolving differences,” noting that “dialogue is the best way to resolve them

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