Halabousi and Barzani emphasize the importance of dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil and discuss the status of Nineveh

Editorial Date: 2019/4/23 10:59

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nigirvan Barzani, and Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi on Tuesday stressed the importance of cooperation to reconstruct the areas affected by the war and urged the return of displaced people to their areas, stressing “the continuation of negotiations to resolve outstanding problems Between Arbil and Baghdad through dialogue. ”

The Kurdistan Regional Government said in a statement that Barzani and Halbusi “discussed the political situation in Iraq in general and the latest developments in the province of Nineveh in particular.”

The statement added that the two sides “stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination between the concerned authorities and institutions in the country to reconstruct the war-affected areas to a hasty.”

He pointed out that the meeting which was held on Tuesday morning in Erbil in the presence of the Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan, Vala Farid, and a number of other officials, highlighted the “situation of displaced Iraqis in the camps in the Kurdistan region and emphasize the importance of providing assistance by the Iraqi government and the international community to return the displaced to Their areas and reconstruction of the affected areas “.

The statement pointed out that ”

It is noteworthy that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Halbusi, arrived in Erbil at the head of a high-level delegation, on Monday evening, and held a meeting with the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani.


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