America today announces the cancellation of exclusions to buy Iranian oil

Release date: 2019/4/22 9:20

(Reuters) – The United States is expected to announce on Monday that all Iranian oil importers should end their imports shortly after or face US sanctions, an informed source told Reuters.

The source confirmed to the Washington Post that the administration would end the exemptions granted to some Iranian oil importers from sanctions late last year.

President Donald Trump has told his national security team over the past few weeks that he wants to end these exceptions and National Security Adviser John Bolton is working on the issue within the administration.

The United States re-imposed sanctions in November on Iranian oil exports after President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six major powers.

Washington has been pressing Iran to reduce its nuclear program.

In addition to the sanctions, Washington has also granted exemptions to eight countries that have reduced purchases of Iranian oil, allowing it to buy it without being subject to sanctions for another six months. These countries are China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

But Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo will announce Monday that “as of May 2, the State Department will no longer grant exemptions from sanctions to any country currently importing oil,” State Department spokesman Josh Roughin said, quoting two unnamed US State Department officials. Iranian crude or its derivatives. ”

US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Frank Fanon repeated on Wednesday the administration’s position that “our goal is to stop Iranian exports as quickly as possible.”

Other countries are following up on whether the United States will continue with exceptions.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Tuesday that Turkey expects the United States to extend an exemption granted to Ankara to continue to buy oil from Iran without violating US sanctions.

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