The Presidency of the Parliament appealed to Kurdistan to abide by the budget items, including with regard to the export of oil

Political | 01:51 – 21/04/2019

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News The

Presidency of the Parliament, on Sunday, appealed to the Kurdistan region, which invited him to abide by the provisions of the general budget for the year 2019, especially with regard to the export of oil.

“The Ka’abi received in his office today, Mona Kahwaji, the second deputy speaker of the parliament of the Kurdistan region and the accompanying parliamentary delegation after their active participation in the activities of the Baghdad Summit of parliaments of neighboring countries of Iraq,” the Information Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Hassan al-Kaabi, said in a statement received ” .

He said al-Kaabi, according to the statement, “The participation of the parliament of the region reflected the image of Iraq’s real unity not to the neighboring countries participating in the summit, but to the whole world,” adding that ”

He stressed that “the previous period has seen the impact of some external forces and non-neutral media on the nature of the relationship between the center and the region as it aims to create an unstable Iraq security and political programs to carry out freely,” he said: “But we will establish a new relationship based on the rejection of the acrid voices that work Full strength to destabilize the trust between the parties and create crises and distance the parties from the language of constructive dialogue. ”

On the oil file, al-Kaabi pointed out, “the necessity of the commitment of the region in agreement with the Government of the Center with regard to the export of oil, as well as budget items and all the files that were called the outstanding files, but files can be resolved if it came through dialogue between the parties in a positive and away from the language of narrow interests The ultimate goal is to serve the Iraqi people with all its components. ”

For its part, expressed Kahwaji, “the Presidency of the Federal Council of Representatives to involve the Parliament of the region within the activities of the Parliaments of neighboring countries of Iraq, which had a positive impact with the representatives of parliament and the government and citizens of the region who began to restore confidence in their Iraqi identity, especially after the great national position when approving the budget Iraq, 2019, which approved the service of the Iraqi people as a whole without regard to sub-names such as the component and the region and the national and others, “asserting that” this counts for all supporters of the endeavor to build a strong and coherent Iraq capable of building and progress in the service of the Iraqi people. ”

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