Planning announces the release of disbursements and financial allocations to a number of ministries and governorates

Date of release: 2019/4/21 15:10

The Minister of Planning Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi, on Sunday, the Ministry received the plans of ministries and entities not associated with the Ministry and all provinces for the year 2019, and start the audit and ratification, “pointing to” most of them to the Ministry of Finance to provide funding for the projects included in those Plans “.

A statement of the ministry received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of the Dulaimi said, “The Ministry of Planning launched the financial allocations to a number of ministries and entities not associated with the Ministry and the provinces, after the completion of all procedures related to the exchange.”

“The ministries of youth, sports, electricity and planning are among the ministries that launched the drainage, in addition to five provinces are Salah al-Din, Basra, Maysan, Wasit and Kirkuk, while will be disbursed to other ministries and provinces during the next few days, after the completion of the audit.”

Al-Dulaimi revealed the release of financial dues to a number of other bodies, including the Ministries of Interior, Construction, Housing, Industry and Minerals, the National Investment Commission, the Iraqi Media Network, Anbar, Salahaddin, Wasit, Muthana, Dhi Qar and Karbala.

“The ministry is keen to study the plans and approve them in accordance with the mechanisms and standards of planning fast and sound,” he said, referring to the adoption of the policy of the open door and address all the problems surrounding the reality of development in Iraq through coordination and direct cooperation between the Ministry of Planning on the one hand, And entities not associated with the Ministry and the provinces, in order to prepare annual plans and approved early in the year, to allow all to implement the projects included in the plans.

He pointed out that “70% of the allocations for 2019 allocated to ongoing projects and 30% for new projects,” noting that “the plans of ministries and governorates, arrived at a time earlier this year compared to previous years, as the plans were delayed to October or the second Of the year, “stressing that” the coming months will see the rotation of the wheel of projects in all provinces, and thus stimulate the economic movement and provide more job opportunities, as well as improving the level of services provided to citizens. ”

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