US Embassy: We will take diplomatic measures against Iraq that the violation of sanctions against Iran, this is what we advised Abdul Mahdi

 Politics    20.04.2019 22:56  1501    Editor: hr     

Baghdad today – Baghdad

US Ambassador to Iraq Joe Hood said on Saturday that his country may impose “diplomatic measures” on Iraq if it fails to comply with sanctions imposed on Iran.

“Tramp’s comments on Iran’s monitoring of Iraq are not in the comment and interpretation,” Hudd said in the program, “Point of View” with Dr. Nabil Jassem .

He added that “our role in Iraq comes to strengthen his government to complete a defeat and calls for the extension of its authority in the face of Iranian interventions,” noting that “President Trump was right to monitor the role of Iran’s negative in the region.”

“Iran is sinking the Iraqi market with Iranian goods, making Iraqi farmers unaware, exporting materials to Iraq worth 20 billion dollars, and Iraq does not reciprocate,” he said.

He added that “the United States does not monitor Iran from the bases where the presence of its forces in Iraq.”

And on the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to Iraq, compared to the visit of the US President, the unnamed to the base of Al-Assad in Anbar, last year’s Eid, said Houd, “These security precautions, and we have the right to follow them No one threatens the Iranian President in Iraq, .

He pointed out that “Trump advised Abdul Mahdi to undertake a regional tour and we support his movements and the development of Iraq’s relations with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Arab countries.”

“We look forward to Abdul Mahdi’s visit to Washington and we have a lot of files in question.” Abdul Mahdi wants an economically strong Iraq and his openness to the neighborhood can be used in several areas, including importing energy.

“We want Iraq to be independent in the energy field. We have given the government short-term exemptions on importing energy from Iran. We want Iraq to produce energy and gas without the help of anyone and has competent ministers to carry out this mission,” he said.

He warned that the United States “may go to diplomatic action against Iraq in the event that he did not comply with US sanctions on Iran.”

“Iran is pressing Iraq to break US sanctions and we are watching closely and taking action in this regard and stopping any Iranian transfers to companies and individuals, especially those associated with Iranian entities such as the IRGC,” he said.


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