Halabousi Welcome to the delegations of parliaments neighboring countries: Welcome to Iraq, the victor of terrorism

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halboussi, welcomed Friday (19 April 2019), the Arab and Islamic delegations coming to Baghdad, in conjunction with the preparation of the summit of Parliaments of neighboring countries.

Al-Halbusi said in a tweet through his account on Twitter, that “Iraq, proud of the proud father of terrorism is honored to attend his neighbors in Baghdad Arabism, Islam and peace.”

He added that the Baghdad summit is a summit of “stability and development.”

The Baghdad summit of parliaments of neighboring countries will be held in Baghdad on Saturday, 20 April 2019, in the presence of delegations from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan and Syria.

“Iraq is a safety valve for the entire region and hosting Baghdad for Arab parliaments is a proof of Iraq that has risen vigorously and resolutely for its people. Today, it is hosting the parliaments of the neighboring countries and exercising its leadership role in a strong and fair way with all the guests,” MP Mansour al-Baiji said in a statement. Baghdad peace “.

“We welcome the upcoming parliamentary delegations to Iraq, who are keen to attend the peace in Baghdad, which is a platform for closer relations between the neighboring countries and a guarantee for the convergence of visions in the interests of the peoples of the region and to strengthen stability and strengthen the bonds of cooperation,” Gamalawi said. Between the legislative authorities in these States. ”

“The convening of the parliamentary conference in Baghdad achieves significant political and moral gains expressed by the heads of the parliaments of Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Kuwait to the initiative of President Halabousi to come to Baghdad, which has been relieved of the burdens of difficult circumstances,” the statement said. Over the past years, and their belief in the role of Iraq and the restoration of the central role in the region. ”

The summit will include speeches by the co-chairs and a final statement on important issues and issues, preceded by a series of meetings of representatives of participating parliaments on 18-19 April to finalize the final statement before it is presented to the leaders of the participating parliaments.

According to the statement of Parliament, “The convening of the summit in Baghdad gives a clear picture of the recovery of Iraq and the development of the democratic process through the commitment to constitutional entitlements through the holding of elections on time and the emergence of the three presidencies (Parliament, the Republic and the government) with the high state of harmony between the parliamentary blocs to be a platform for closer relations between countries Good neighborliness and a bridge for convergence for regional solidarity “.


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