Abdel-Mahdi revives the historical fatwa of Imam al-Sistani

Editorial Date: 2019/4/19 18:41

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the great historical position of the Supreme Religious Reference Grand Ayatollah Imam Ali al-Sistani by declaring the fatwa of the holy jihad, which started at the right moment between collapse and victory.

“I salute on behalf of myself, the Iraqi government and our struggling people the memory of the great historical position of the supreme religious authority, Sayyid al-Sistani, by declaring the fatwa of Jihad Al-Kafiyy, which was launched at the right moment between the collapse and the victory,” Abdul Mahdi said in a statement. Decisive and pivotal turning point in the face of the massive attack on the organization of calling the terrorist and occupation of three provinces and precious areas of the land of Iraq and the displacement of millions, and approached the approach to Baghdad and the threat of holy cities.

“The masses of millions of our people who responded to the fatwa of the holy jihad formed an impenetrable dam to protect Iraq, which was then threatened by my presence. They stood beside their heroic forces of all kinds and formations in the biggest epic of resistance and sacrifice and the victory that united all Iraqis. National, legal and humanitarian, and saved their country, region and world from the threat of intimidation. ”

“Greetings to the souls of the martyrs of Iraq and the wounded and every fighter and volunteer in defense of Iraq, and to the families of martyrs and wounded, and Iraq and its people lived a secure and stable and prosperous victor.”



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