Announcement of the results of the visit of the British delegation to Iraq: increase trade exchange by one billion euros

Political | 03:52 – 17/04/2019

Translation – the balance of News 

announced that the Government of the United Kingdom Wednesday, the results finally to visit the economic delegation to Iraq, which took place earlier this week.

The delegation, led by International Trade Minister Liam Fox, led the agreement to “provide greater support to British companies operating in Iraq, which will in turn provide jobs and greater stability in the region,” the British government said in a statement.

“The British government announced an increase of one billion euros, in its commercial dealings with Iraq,” stressing that “the goal is to build the Iraqi state and achieve economic growth.”

It is noteworthy that an economic delegation headed by Liam, arrived in the capital Baghdad last Sunday, in order to meet with Iraqi economic entities, and to make progress in economic relations between the two countries.

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