Vatican affirms Pope’s desire to visit Iraq


Date of release: 2019/4/16 22:47 
(AFP) – The Vatican’s foreign minister said on Tuesday that Pope Francis wanted to visit Iraq.
A Foreign Ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, Ambassador Amal Musa Hussein met Paul Kaliker, Foreign Minister of the Vatican. 
The minister welcomed the ambassador and stressed his support for the success of the mission. 
The Ambassador expressed her great happiness to represent Iraq at the Holy See and the determination to develop relations. She gave a summary of pluralism in Iraq, explaining the peaceful coexistence of various religions in it. She also referred to the Pope’s visit to Iraq as it gives a message of support for Iraqis in general and Christians, But a terrorist. 
For his part, Minister Kalaker stressed the Pope’s desire for this visit.

Abdul Mahdi announced his visit to Saudi Arabia Wednesday, Germany and France before the month of Ramadan {expanded}


Editorial date: 2019/4/17 0:19 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced that he will visit Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.
“We will have a visit on Wednesday to Saudi Arabia and an important delegation. There are several projects and memorandums of understanding we are discussing with the Kingdom, as well as a large number of businessmen accompanying the delegation,” Abdul Mahdi said at the weekly press conference. And important investment. ” 
“Our visit to Saudi Arabia will be like previous visits to Egypt and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which are important visits to show how Iraq works with its surroundings and the Arab and Islamic world,” he said. “Iraq wants to be a great meeting point.” 
“The Arar border crossing with Saudi Arabia has become closer to use and will be an important and important outlet,” he said.
He pointed out that “efforts are continuing to confront the floods and abundant water that came from the neighboring countries, and the work continued and participated by all institutions and departments and the armed forces and popular mobilization and Peshmerga, in addition to popular mobilization and wide, thank God we have been able to control the water excellent efforts and nothing has been so big yet” . 
“Our water reserves have increased to more than 41 billion cubic meters of water. This is very good and Iraq is benefiting for the coming years, and we expect other water to come because of the melting of snow,” he said. “We issue a daily report on the status of water and floods in all the stations and rivers in Iraq. The truth is that the report is the same because of the many rumors and the intimidation of people. ” 
“We have sent government delegations to all provinces to find out the measures taken to deal with the floods and follow them signed site, in addition to the protection of oil wells, there is a decline in water levels.”
“In our meetings with the Anti-Corruption Council and the Council of Ministers, we focused on settling salaries for economic, regulatory and administrative reasons, as well as corruption,” he said. 
“We received a large number of international envoys to Iraq, including the Russian envoy, we discussed the oil and gas field, we also received the Korean president’s advisor, and we discussed the field of manufacturing and electronic government because South Korea is very advanced in this field. We received the British Minister of State for International Trade, British businessmen to invest in Iraq, and we also received a delegation from the US Senate. ” 
“We received the news of the fire that hit the historical cathedral of Notre Dame and sent a cable to the French president. We will have a visit to France and Germany before the holy month of Ramadan,” he said.
“We have sent an invitation to the Pope to visit Iraq and visit Ur and the house of the Prophet, peace be upon him, in solidarity with all Iraqi factions. We need a clear and strategic vision to deal with and classify the land in all cities of Iraq,” he said. 
“We are in front of a major shift in relations with Saudi Arabia. Relations are now going well. Our visit to Saudi Arabia will be excellent in light of the arrangements and coordination delegation that has come to Iraq and the memorandums of understanding to be signed by the two sides. Issues between the two countries. ” 
“There are constitutional provisions regarding the establishment of regions, and if something is to be established, it must be for the benefit and not for a particular interest, and it is up to the people of Basra, and there is a discussion of the issue by the political blocs, and this is a right for them to have other views.”
“We do not deny that there are many shortcomings in the ration card items, and we hope to receive the quantities to the full citizen during the month of Ramadan, and the citizen should receive the full ration, and we have provided ways to achieve this.” 
“We do not know where they came from by 20 percent, or any other percentage, about the control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard over Iraq’s economy, how do you calculate this ratio?” Iraq has relations with the state of Iran and advanced trade exchange, } This is something else. “Done

The Ministry of Finance sends the budget estimates to the ministries for the year 2019 and demands the work

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On Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance sent to all ministries a copy of its budget estimates for 2019 (current expenditures and revenues) broken down by divisions, chapters, materials, types and details.

A source in the ministry told “Al-Gharab Press” that “the budget department sent to all ministries and their formations, a copy of the budget estimates set by the ministries for the year 2019, according to the sections and chapters and types and details, according to the accounting guide currently in force and approved by law.”

He added that “the ministry informed the ministries, work on budget estimates prepared from 1/1/2019, pilot, in accordance with the requirements of financial management reform, provided that the financial departments in the ministries, the Department of Accounting in the Ministry of Finance, the balance of monthly reviews, taking into account Requests for transfers “.

The source pointed out that “the ministry asked the ministries, working under the instructions contained in the Manual of the Government Accounting System, and under the instructions and controls prepared by the Department of Accounting in the Ministry of Finance.”

Learn about the decisions of the Council of Ministers for today’s meeting

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44 minutes ago

Twilight News / The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The Council of Ministers decided to authorize the Prime Minister to approve amendments to the draft investment promotion agreement between Iraq and Saudi Arabia approved by the Council of Ministers.

The Council voted to extinguish the debts of the Republic of Iraq within the funds of the League of Arab States, and extinguish the balance of the Iraqi loan in the name of Tunisia in recognition of its position on extinguishing its debts to Iraq.

The Board approved the provision of liquidity in the support and support of some hospitals.

The Council of Ministers approved the establishment of the Ministry of Electricity to contract with the Elite Company on the maintenance and operation and rehabilitation of power station Dora thermal. 

It was also agreed to include the imported petroleum products in favor of the Ministry of Oil by the decrees of the Council of Ministers numbered (23 for 2018 and 3 of 2019) exception to the customs procedures in contradiction with the Customs Law.

The Council of Ministers authorized the Minister of Finance to negotiate and sign a draft agreement to avoid double taxation and prevent evasion of taxes on income and capital between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as amended by the Council of State, based on the provisions of Article 80 / .

The Council decided to authorize the Minister of Transport to negotiate and sign a draft cooperation agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of maritime transport as amended by the Council of State, based on the provisions of Article (80/6) of the Constitution.

On the land and orchards, the Cabinet decided to form a high-level working team (Ministry of Finance / State Real Estate Department, Ministry of Justice / General Directorate of Real Estate Registration, Ministry of Agriculture / General Directorate of Agricultural Land, Municipality of Baghdad) to prepare a preparatory program for a major workshop Through which the final recommendations necessary for the purpose of re-drafting and issuing decisions concerning the destruction of agricultural land and orchards.

The Council of Ministers agreed to address the phenomenon of fish deaths.

To allocate land for industrial purposes, the Council agreed on the following:

Firstly :

– The ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the relevant provinces to extract the plots of land belonging to the appropriate areas and allocated for industrial purposes of various types with the aim of establishing industrial parks and areas.

– The use of developers and investors to establish these complexes and areas and provide them with the necessary services in exchange for the wages they receive from the beneficiaries of those complexes.

– Training unemployed youth according to a training program prepared by the relevant authorities for this purpose.

– Providing unemployed youth with small loans for the purpose of establishing their industrial projects.

– Authorizing the governors the powers of the ministries necessary to implement the necessary measures all to implement the above.

Second :

Forming a committee headed by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs to supervise the implementation of the provisions of paragraph 1 above, and confer the necessary powers to implement this decision.


Prime Minister of Iraq to visit two European countries

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35 minutes ago

(Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced Tuesday that two European countries will soon be in Iraq.

Abdul Mahdi said at the weekly press conference that he would visit France and Germany before Ramadan.

“We are facing a major shift in our relations with Saudi Arabia,” he said, adding that he would visit Riyadh on Wednesday.

Abdul Mahdi is due to head a delegation of ministers and his visit to Saudi Arabia will sign 13 cooperation agreements, as recently agreed between the two countries.


Minister of Finance: Iraq needs British expertise in the development of banking

Editorial date: 2019/4/16 20:48

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance, Fouad Hussein, stressed that Iraq needs British expertise in the development of banking.

A statement issued by his office received the news agency “Euphrates News” that Hussein “met in Baghdad, Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade British, and during the meeting exchanged views on mechanisms to strengthen trade and economic relations between Iraq and Britain.

Fox expressed “the desire of British companies to come and work in Iraq and benefit from investment opportunities in various sectors, especially in the development of the banking sector.”

For his part, welcomed the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, “all investors and companies wishing to enter the Iraqi labor market, and that Iraq needs British expertise in the development of banking, especially Rafidain and Rashid and real partnerships to improve the level of services provided to citizens.”

The two sides agreed on “the need to create an attractive and safe working environment to encourage investment and investors.”

The British official renewed his government’s support for the Iraqi government to contribute to the development and revitalization of the Iraqi economy. ”

The largest government delegation of more than 150 people headed by Abdul Mahdi heads to Saudi Arabia

Release date: 2019/4/16 20:33

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi arrives in Saudi Arabia tomorrow, heading a high-level delegation of more than 11 ministers, 68 government officials and more than 70 private sector businessmen for a two-day visit.

The visit will focus on the bilateral relations between the two countries and means of enhancing them, and developments in regional and international issues of common concern. The Saudi-Iraqi relations are based on historical, religious and social bases, in addition to the political desire in Riyadh and Baghdad to deepen these relations. Which establishes strategic relations that serve the interests of the two countries.

The visit will discuss the prosperity of Iraq, the deepening of cooperation relations in all fields and the desire for relations to witness further development, coordination and reaching agreements that serve the common interests. The visit will include the signing of several agreements and economic memoranda of understanding, And meet businessmen from both countries.

On the sidelines of the visit, the meetings of the political, security and military committee headed by the foreign ministers of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordinating Council will be held on the basis of the strength of relations between the two countries, which will constitute a cornerstone of relations in the region based on the many interests that bring together their peoples and countries.

The visit comes as a result of the work of the Coordinating Council between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Iraq, which was established under the guidance of the two countries’ leadership as one of the main means for the two countries to upgrade relations to the desired strategic level and to open new horizons of cooperation in various fields, including political, security, economic, development, trade and investment. Tourism and cultural activities. The aim of upgrading bilateral relations is to achieve new horizons in all fields. The Coordination Council will work within a specific and agreed plan of action on both sides.

Halabousi discusses with US Senate delegation strengthening cooperation between Baghdad and Washington

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The time now is 07:53 PM

BAGHDAD (Reuters)

– House of Representatives Speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi on Tuesday received a delegation from the Senate Armed Services Committee led by Sen. Jack Reid and Senators Doug Jones, Sen. Jane Shaheen and Ms. Liz King, accompanied by US Charge d’Affaires In Iraq, and the presence of a number of members of the House of Representatives from various political forces.

“During the meeting, they discussed enhancing bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington and the international efforts to combat terrorism and eliminate its sources. The meeting also discussed activating economic and investment cooperation and the participation of American companies in order to boost the reconstruction process in Iraq,” Halbusi said in a statement.

“During the meeting, the need to intensify efforts to return displaced families to their areas of housing, and provide the necessary infrastructure to stabilize the areas.”

For his part, the “American delegation expressed the readiness of Washington to provide all forms of support and support to the Iraqi government and in all areas.”


Iraq, Tuesday 16 April 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq on Monday called on all banks and financial institutions not to deal in dollars with four brokerage firms. The bank said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that ‘the banks and financial institutions all not to deal in the currency of the US dollar with each of the Bara and the hour to mediate and buy foreign currencies authorized by the bank, knowing that the two companies are denied entry into the window of sale and purchase of foreign currencies.

The bank added that it is also “not to deal with Dubai Horizons and Verdun, which are located in the province of Irbil, which are not sanctioned by the Central Bank.” The Central Bank of Iraq was established as an independent bank under its law of March 6, 2004, as an independent body responsible for maintaining price stability and implementing monetary policy. It supervises 10 commercial banks, 26 private banks and 16 Islamic banks, as well as 19 foreign banks. 6 financial institutions and 31 financial transfer companies


Saleh invites businessmen and US companies to invest and reconstruct liberated cities

Date of release: 2019/4/16 18:11

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) President Barham Saleh invited businessmen and American companies to invest and reconstruct liberated cities.

This came during a meeting at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Tuesday, the US Senate delegation that included Senator Jack Reid, Senator Doug Jones and Senator Jane Shaheen.

“The President of the Republic stressed during the meeting the importance of developing bilateral relations and strengthening cooperation at various levels to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples,” a statement issued by his office said. “The two countries should play Iraq and the United States as Stability of the region and the achievement of peace and prosperity for its people. ”

Saleh praised “the role of the United States in the international coalition against terrorism and its contribution to upgrading the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces in armaments and training,” calling on American businessmen and companies to “invest and reconstruct liberated cities.”