The House of Representatives announces the signing of a strategic agreement with China



Information / Baghdad …

The First Vice-President of the House of Representatives, Hassan Karim al-Kaabi, on Sunday, near the signing of a “strategic agreement” with the Republic of China, calling on Chinese companies to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraqi cities.

In a statement received by a delegation from the Foreign Relations Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Jun, and the presence of Chinese Ambassador to China Chen Wicheng, Al-Kaabi said, “The strategic agreement which is expected to be signed during the coming period Mission”.

He added that “the volume of trade exchange between the two countries exceeds 30 billion dollars annually,” calling on “Chinese companies to contribute to reconstruction projects and China’s contribution to its good experiences in the development of some of the Iraqi economic sectors, especially the energy sector (oil and electricity) China is the largest importer of Iraqi crude oil. “

For his part, Li said that “China is interested in strengthening relations with all countries at the developmental level, exchanging experiences, trade and all other activities, as well as cooperation on the political issues and the development of relations between the Communist Party of China and the active parties in friendly countries, including the Iraqi parties.”

“It is our country’s duty to provide support to Iraq and to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated cities and to benefit from experience in overcoming many of the problems China has already suffered, such as poverty reduction, development and service problems,” he said. Finished 25 s

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