Industry: Preparation of a plan to re-operate 130 plants suspended in a number of provinces

 money and business

Economy News _ Baghdad

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced on Sunday the preparation of a plan to restore the life of 130 factories and factories suspended between different provinces, in order to provide jobs and encourage domestic production. 
“In implementation of the government program for the current year 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals has started the restoration of 130 factories and factories out of 280 factories,” said media spokesman in the ministry Abdul Wahed al-Shammari in a statement. Production capacities at rates ranging from 25 50 to 75 per cent. “
Al-Shammari added that “the ministry’s plan is making extraordinary efforts to rehabilitate the buildings, especially in the liberated areas, to restore the production lines to secure the local product and to fill the market need of various commodities and materials in order to combat the dumping of goods and restore confidence in the national product. For some products, goods and goods with after-sale services. ” 
He added that “the ministry has been and is still demanding the deduction of percentages of customs duties in its favor as it produces similar materials while allowing the entry of foreign goods through the border crossings, in addition to the activation of the law of customs tariff, which provides for the high charges for the 84 goods protected locally produced from During the factories and factories of the Ministry of Industry and the private sector, as it is obligatory to collect customs fees by 100 percent in case of entry.
Al-Shammari said that “the ministry is on the verge of launching a number of new production lines after preparing a plan and vision during the last period through openness and orientation towards the private sector sober able materially and technically and reconsider the contracts of participation and investment and investment plan contracts concluded by the ministry during the previous years.”

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