Charge d’Affaires of the US Embassy: The majority of Iraqi politicians do not support the votes demanding our departure

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Baghdad today – follow-up

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi politicians will stand against calls for US troops out of Iraq when they recognize their support, a US military official said on Sunday.

“We believe that Iraqi politicians do not realize that we are here at the invitation of their government and we are working in close partnership with the Iraqi security forces,” Hudd said in a televised interview.

“Any action we do in Iraq is preceded by full coordination, and we are only working on the basis of what the Iraqi leadership is asking for training, advice and other activities,” he said.

“I think the majority of Iraqi politicians are aware that this does not support the voices calling for our departure from Iraq,” he said.

The MP for the Fatah Alliance, Qusay Abbas, revealed on Sunday (April 14, 2019), the pressure exerted on the three presidencies to prevent the proposal to draft a law to remove foreign troops from Iraq.

“The current parliament, like its predecessor, is silent about the issue of dealing with the file of foreign presence on Iraqi soil,” Abbas said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad today.

He added that “there is a split in opinion between the political blocs, which is why the presidency of the House of Representatives to include the proposal on the agenda of the parliament,” noting that “there is also pressure exerted on the three presidencies in order to prevent the project and pass it within the parliament.”

President Barham Salih said on Saturday (March 30, 2019) that he saw no “serious” opposition to the presence of US troops in Iraq, provided that their presence continued to help Iraqi forces fight against Saddam.

Saleh said in an interview with the Associated Press that there is “a general consensus that Iraq needs ongoing cooperation with the forces, indicating that it can continue as long as necessary,” warning that “the threat of fanaticism is not over, although From the announcement of the defeat of the regional group in Syria last week. ”

About 5,200 US troops are stationed in Iraq as part of a security pact with the Iraqi government to provide advice, assistance and support to security forces in the war against Da’ash.

He invaded large parts of Iraq in 2014 after the collapse of Iraqi forces and began to declare a “self-styled” succession on territory stretching to Iraq and Syria.

US forces, which left Iraq in 2011 after its invasion in 2003, were called back in 2014 to help fight the group.

Iraq declared victory over a supporter in late 2017 after a devastating bloody war.


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