The Association of Private Banks organizes a course on “Developing the Skills of Teller Employees

Side of the session. “Economy News”


The Iraqi
Association of Private Banks organized a course on “Developing the skills of the Taler employees” in cooperation with the International Company for Smart Card “Kark” and the group of joint efforts for development and consulting, presented to employees of Rafidain Bank.
The employees of Teller are the ones who deal with the cash. They receive the cash from the depositors at the banks and carry out the cash deposit procedures.
The session was attended by Assistant Director General of Rafidain Bank, Bashair Al Qaisi, Human Resources Manager Sabah Anwar, Branch Supervisor Ashraf Hamad and Director of Training and Training Division Khatem Ali.
The director of administration and training in the Association of Iraqi private banks, Ahmed Hashemi, during the start of the session, which was attended by “economy News”, “The session organized by the Association of Banks in cooperation with a group of joint efforts and is dedicated to employees of Rafidain Bank,” noting that “it will be divided into three stages and Each stage will be attended by 40 trainees from the Rafidain Bank. ”
Hashemi stressed that “the training program for the course (in its three stages) aims to provide participants with the skills of employees of the« Teller »by increasing their knowledge of various aspects of the job,” noting that it is divided into four axes; the first relates to dealing with criticism and the second in the form of fraud, counterfeiting, In excellence in customer service, quality of service and the latest in technical aspects of the teler job in banks. ”

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