Today, a senior Kuwaiti official is visiting Baghdad in preparation for a huge meeting



25-03-2019 11:58 PM
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Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid al-Jarallah will visit Baghdad on Tuesday in preparation for a huge meeting between the two countries, Kuwaiti media reported on Monday.
The media pointed out that ‘the visit will take only one day and comes within the framework of supporting and strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries’.
“The Kuwaiti official will meet with the Undersecretary of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, who has previously visited Kuwait and held a round of talks, and this visit comes to complete what was discussed during the first visit.”
She pointed out that ‘will be discussed several files during the visit, most notably the support of bilateral relations, and preparation for the joint bilateral committee to be held soon’.


Disclosure of the Special Mission of the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization in Iraq

Release date: 2019/3/25 19:52

The Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO) Kuneo Mekuria, who is visiting Iraq on a special mission aimed at developing joint cooperation between the Organization and the Iraqi government in the field of customs work and protection of cultural heritage in the first visit of its kind.

“The Director General of the Authority was in the reception of Micoria on Monday, and a meeting was held in the presence of the heads of the departments concerned with the import operations represented by the Director General of the General Company for Exhibitions and Trade Services of Iraq and the Director General of the Standardization Department and Director General And the Director of the Customs Research Unit Thomas Kantis. ”

He added that “the visit of Micuria for the period from 24 to 26 March 2019 comes within the framework of providing political and international support for Iraqi customs and harnessing the expertise and capabilities of the Organization to develop and reform the customs system in Iraq and raise it to the level of international standards.”

“The Secretary-General of the Organization briefed the outputs of the diagnostic visit carried out by a number of experts to the customs centers, during which they briefed on the progress of work, and held several workshops, which identified the needs for the advancement of customs and will submit Micoria final report on the Iraqi government.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) has a membership of 183 countries and is responsible for setting standards and customs manuals and providing support to customs administrations to enable them to adopt best customs practices.

This is what delays the introduction of a draft law to remove foreign forces .. Abdul Mahdi is responsible!

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Baghdad today _ special

A member of the parliamentary legal committee, Salim Hamza, said on Monday (March 25, 2019) that the project to remove foreign forces from Iraq needs a request from Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, confirming the need of the country or not for those forces.

“The preparation of the project should not be limited to specific forces only, but must include all the military forces on Iraqi soil,” Hamza said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad today.

He added that “the parliament will vote for the removal of these forces in the event of a request from the Prime Minister Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces Adel Abdul Mahdi, stresses the need of the country or not for those forces.”

He pointed out that “the Council of Ministers also can issue a resolution without reference to the Council of Representatives to remove these forces in case they need only.”

On February 16, 2019, Fadil Jaber, MP of the Sadigoun bloc, confirmed that the bill to remove US forces to be legislated in the second legislative term of the House of Representatives includes the Turkish forces on Iraqi soil.

Jaber said in an interview with Baghdad today that “the political forces agreed to discuss and study the draft law in the second legislative term of the parliament in order to pass it.”

He added that “the Turkish forces are present on Iraqi territory illegally and are among the forces that will be covered by the law out of Iraq.”

“The Prime Minister, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, will also have a position on the presence of these forces in the absence of need, so it will be part of the identification of troops that must leave the country.”

Iraqi lawmakers have vowed to move to pass a law in parliament to remove foreign soldiers, especially Americans, from the country.

The Speaker of the Iraqi House of Representatives Mohammad Halaboussi said Saturday (Feb. 9, 2019) that the parliament received a proposal adopted by parliamentarians in order to determine the tasks and the return of US forces and the timing of their stay in the country.

Halabousi heads to Washington

Political | 03:17 – 25/03/2019


head of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halboussi, on Monday, to the capital of the United States Washington.

“Halabousi headed a parliamentary delegation to Washington on an official visit that will last several days,” a parliamentary source told Mawazine News.

The source did not disclose further details

Britain to launch a promotional campaign for trade with Iraq

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Economy News _ Baghdad

British Ambassador to Iraq John Wilkes on Monday announced the launch of a trade promotion campaign between Iraq and the United Kingdom, adding that he was looking forward to starting business next year.
“I feel comfortable following the launch of the four-day commercial campaign in Iraq across the UK and one day in Dubai,” Wilkes said in a tweak on the social networking site Twitter.
“More than 300 trading companies have participated in this campaign, I met some of them and found many new concerns about Iraq,” he said. “I look forward to starting business next year.”