Details of the meeting of the Prime Minister with the delegation of the US Congress


19-03-2019 10:43 PM



Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi received Tuesday a delegation from the US Congress.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said that Abdul-Mahdi received in his official office today a delegation from the US Congress led by Democratic Representative in the State of California John Karamende. He expressed US support for the efforts of the Iraqi government and keenness to continue cooperation against terrorism, reconstruction and humanitarian aspects.

The delegation praised the government’s policy of opening up to its Arab and regional environment and exchanging visits that enhance Iraq’s status, stability and prosperity.

For his part, Abdul Mahdi stressed “the importance of relations between the two countries and the need to continue with the assistance of Iraq to face the remnants of the Iraqi army and training,” noting the “importance of the mobility witnessed in Iraq and the reception of many of the presidents and officials in Baghdad within the government’s approach to Iraq to be a point of convergence and peace, Economic relations network that enhances the security and stability of the region. “,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700248,15700253&usg=ALkJrhihseKBqnvUkbVjSgUxGyeOtzKcHQ


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