America extends the exemption period for Iraq from sanctions on Iran


Date of release: 2019/3/19 22:27 
{International: Euphrates News} The United States extended the period of exemption for Iraq from its sanctions against Iran.
“The administration of President Donald Trump has extended the deadline for exempting Iraq from committing to US sanctions against Iran for another three months,” a US State Department source told CNBC. 
On November 4, 2018, the United States began imposing sanctions on Iran, which is rich in oil under tough economic conditions. 
The United States has lifted sanctions on Iran after reaching an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program in 2015. 
US sanctions include various economic, financial and industrial sectors, especially the oil sector, which is the main source of income for hard currency needed by Iran. 
Washington has said it seeks to make Iran’s oil exports zero.
The new US exemption comes a week after Iranian President Hassan Rowhani visited Iraq at the head of a high-level delegation with 22 agreements and a memorandum of understanding with Baghdad. 
Rohani said after the visit that “no one can affect the relationship between Iran and Iraq,” a reference to America


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