Source: A large Qatari delegation is coming to Baghdad on this date

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

A political source revealed on Saturday the visit of a large Qatari delegation to Baghdad on Sunday.

The source said “Baghdad today,” that “on Sunday will visit the capital Baghdad, a large Qatari economic delegation headed by the Minister of Commerce of Qatar.”

The source gave no further details.

The heads of a number of Arab countries, during the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, began official visits to Iraq to develop relations between them and Iraq, in a move aimed at restoring Iraq to its Arab depth.

Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman visited Baghdad on Friday (January 11, 2019) and expressed his country’s happiness in the return of Iraq to its Arab environment and looked forward to further cooperation with him, including restoring stability and reconstruction.

On Monday, January 14, 2019, Jordanian King Abdullah II visited Baghdad on a visit aimed at developing the two countries’ economic relations, discussing the US withdrawal from Syria, combating terrorism and following up the implementation of previous agreements between the two countries regarding the joint oil pipeline and the interconnections between the two countries, .

A senior Saudi delegation visited Baghdad on Thursday, March 14, 2019, and met with President Barham Salih, who stressed Iraq’s keenness to bring the views of the countries of the region closer to achieving stability and avoiding conflicts and conflicts. In a meeting with the delegation, Iraq to develop relations with Saudi Arabia and revealed an upcoming visit to Riyadh aimed at signing important agreements.


The Saudi-Iraqi trade mission will start in Riyadh tomorrow


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The Saudi-Iraqi trade mission will start tomorrow in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the participation of 130 Iraqi and Saudi enterprises.

“The Saudi Export Development Authority will organize tomorrow in Riyadh the work of the Saudi-Iraqi Trade Mission, where more than 130 Saudi companies from the construction and food sectors and a number of Iraqi companies will participate in the mission,” the official SPA news agency said. Discuss and explore opportunities to export Saudi products to Iraq, as part of its strategy to develop non-oil exports and enhance opportunities for the presence of local products in international markets, and continue for two days.

“Saudi exports are part of the mission of the trade mission to organize meetings of matching business between Saudi exporters on the one hand and potential buyers from the Republic of Iraq on the other to achieve better access of national products to the Iraqi market and to conclude commercial transactions between them. To continue its efforts to promote Saudi exporters and products and develop innovative platforms that bring them together with potential buyers and partners around the world, enhancing the position of Saudi products as one of the most important tributaries of the national economy and diversifying sources of income. “

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the Saudi Export Development Authority, Saleh Al-Salami, said that this trade mission confirms the depth of the historical relations with the brotherly Republic of Iraq, which have been translated into cooperation and mutual understanding at various levels, foremost of which is trade and economic partnership.

He pointed out that the Kingdom’s exports to Iraq during the year 2018 amounted to SR 2.4 billion, and that the food sector ranked first for Saudi exports To Iraq with a value of SR 662 million, followed by the construction materials sector with an export value of SR 565 million.

It is worth mentioning that “Saudi Exports” employs all its capabilities to improve the efficiency of the export environment, overcome obstacles that exporters may encounter, and raise the knowledge of export practices and development of manpower in the field of export.

It is also working to raise the export readiness of the targeted enterprises through export assessment and consulting services to improve the export capabilities of the target enterprises. Saudi Exports also facilitates the creation of suitable export opportunities and markets by preparing market access manuals and market studies on demand. “Saudi exports” contribute to the emergence of Saudi products to target groups through participation in international exhibitions.

Saudi Exports also facilitates the linking of exporters with potential buyers and partners through trade missions and bilateral meetings on the fringes of international exhibitions.

The work of “Saudi Exports” is a translation of the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, in response to the aspirations of the wise leadership towards the development of non-oil exports and diversification of sources of income for the national economy.


Remove the concrete blocks from the House of Representatives, the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Rashid Hotel


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Baghdad] where the 
Secretariat of Baghdad announced the direct lifting of concrete blocks from the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers and the Rashid Hotel in the Green Zone in central Baghdad.
The Secretariat said in a statement that “the lifting of the traffic lights from the street adjacent to these government institutions, specifically the section extending from the intersection of Amman to the Swedish embassy in coordination with the security forces.”