An Iraqi security alert on the Syrian border and an imminent defeat for Daesh in the Baguoz


Editorial date: 2019/3/13 1:14 
Al-Anbar: Al-Furat News The deputy commander of Anbar operations in the popular crowd, Ahmed Nasrallah, confirmed the security alert on the Iraqi-Syrian border.
“After the advance of Syria’s democratic forces against the Iraqi-Syrian border and its ongoing battles with a fugitive in Baguz, east of Syria,” the last terrorist pocket in Syria, Nasrallah told the Euphrates News. 
He pointed out that “the popular mobilization forces and the Iraqi army and the federal police, as well as the arms and the efficiency of high and finite finite ready to prevent the arrival of Alasash and proximity to the Iraqi border and monitor their gatherings and movements in this region.” 
A military source said that the artillery of the Iraqi army bombed on Tuesday evening, the village of Al-Bagouz in the province of Deir al-Zour east of Syria and close to the Iraqi border, the last pocket of gangs to support the terrorist in the neighboring country. 
An impending defeat is looming in the last pocket under his control with the surrender of hundreds of terrorists and their families. The US-backed democratic forces of Syria said the battle was in the “end sentence.”
By .. حميد الفهداوي

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