Finance announces the release of salaries of employees of Kurdistan


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The Iraqi Finance Ministry announced on Monday the release of salaries and dues of employees in the Kurdistan region .

A statement of the finances seen by “Economy News” that it has paid the salaries and salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region for the current year, according to the quota prescribed in the State Budget Law for the year 2019 .

“Also was the payment of dues of the last three months of 2017 to employees of the passports of the Kurdistan region and the salaries of dam employees in the region.”

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{Euphrates News} publishes the full text of the comprehensive press interview with the President of the Republic


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{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Our agency publishes the comprehensive interview with President Barham Saleh in the presence of a number of media including Al-Furat satellite channel, and dealt with internal and external files.
I would like 
to welcome you here at the Peace Palace. I want this dialogue to be a direct dialogue in which we talk about the country’s concerns about political developments as well as our aspirations for the future. I hope that we will do so periodically. , And be a meaningful dialogue for the good of the homeland and citizenship. And we shall begin with you, that I may not go any further, nor take of your time. 
Q: Talking about reforming the political process after 16 years of the new regime and the new situation, there is a long talk about reforming this political process. What are the mechanisms by which this reform will take place? Always get pressure from the street but of course be late and very simple?
This is an important question, and perhaps the biggest challenge to the Iraqi state project at this moment must be put in its proper context. Iraq has not known stability for at least four decades if not more than the Iran-Iraq war to invade Kuwait. The siege of 2003 and its repercussions and the events that took place, this people did not know stability and our country is free from terrorism and subjected to the attacks of a fierce onslaught of terrorist forces really when you put things in context and this is often when I talk with foreign leaders remind them of this reality experienced by Iraq And lived Iraqis .. The truth of the Arab S out of those wounds Mtkhana no doubt about that, but there are challenges insistence by the Iraqis to move forward and get to the free life that they deserve a decent stable citizen. From 2003 to today we are partners in the political process This political process succeeded in important things including the writing of the constitution, including elections, including the peaceful transfer of power, the issue of peaceful transfer of power in the heart of the Middle East is not easy or easy, President McCron asked me about the situation in Iraq and its features I said The former president of the republic lives free and walks around freely, as does the former prime minister. I wish the current president, when my job ends, to be on the same situation. This scene is unusual in our country, so that there are not many failures but serious failures. What is happening in Basra is low. For services, count The existence of legal protection in many issues in the regions, the non-return of the displaced, the recurrence of the cycle of violence and the spread of terrorism. These are all manifestations and failures that accompanied the political process and are at its core from 2003 until today. We have no choice but dialogue. Yes, there is the political class. The situation is, however, in my assessment of the community phenomenon It is also important to say that there is an important social and civil movement at various levels, which I see as an important pillar of the reform process. The response between the political class and the social movement will lead to a series of reforms necessary to correct the political path. A few days ago we hosted the first national consultative meeting However, for the first time but for a long time did not take place such meetings, many of the parties who are cross on many issues participated, we met at one table and despite the existence of an agenda talking about the vocabulary of government work, but everyone is back and say to talk about the basic issue Which we have before us is to correct the political process and achieve the required reforms. I wish, through such dialogues, to stand up to those reforms that are required. First, we have a constitution that we have entrusted to ourselves through a popular referendum, but this constitution is one of the least restrictive clauses. Perhaps changing the constitution will not be easy, but at least to agree on a national interpretation. The gathering of some of these items, which may be confused by some ambiguity and fog is very important because usually every 4 years in the elections we meet at the negotiating table to form a government this ministry for this party and this ministry for that party and agree on a government program but to go deep into this subject, The political I call In this period, I will be serious about following up on this issue. How will we diagnose the inherent imbalance in the political process and how can we come up with successful solutions? In the end there is a great community development in Iraq. The people of Basra are not satisfied. On the performance of the government (Khali Ahjha Mkcher as they say) The Sunnis are dissatisfied with the performance of the government or the Sunni ruling class. The Kurds have their own clout on the performance of the Kurdish government. The sectarian or national dimension of the political situation in Iraq does not say that it has ended and has faded. Yes, it still exists and we are dealing with it, but the citizen in Basra and the citizen In Baghdad and the citizen in Mosul and the citizen in Sulaymaniyah looking forward to a free and dignified life, looking forward to a rational rule that harnesses the resources of the country to serve the citizens and deal with the corruption that has spread with great regret because of the circumstances that have passed on us, in my opinion this is an important opportunity for us to win this basic common Which is a good governance of the citizen away from the issue of affiliations and labels known to us, which dominated not a little part of the political process.
Q: Mr. President, allow me to speak frankly in a simple intervention. In all his mind, there is nothing new about the Iraqi citizen. The question that the Iraqi citizen asks is, do you have the political will on this reform and change? Are you convinced that you are moving as political forces at the same level as the movement of the Iraqi people in their legitimate demands?
I think that the Iraqi citizen suffers real suffering and this is not afraid of anyone, go to Mosul and see the situation of Mosul and go to Basra and see the case of Basra and see the case of Nasiriyah even in Baghdad, but also in my estimation that the home sees that there may be a development may not be required level may be Which is achieved not at the appropriate speed required to achieve the minimum demands, but there is a positive trend or direction that we should benefit from and focus on it I am not a proponent of underestimating the imbalances or shortcomings that exist and there is no doubt that it is accumulated (Yakaka Karim), do not forget that This country is experiencing 40 years of destruction 40 years of siege 40 years of terrorism 40 years of mass murder Arbitrariness The corruption that has penetrated into the depth of the government situation and the deep state that controls many things has to require a prime minister or a republican president to work to eradicate all these problems overnight, even at the age of one government It is an unattainable but important promise, I am I also tell you important societal developments and to underestimate them. My wife and I went to the Baghdad Book Fair, which means that it was an important indicator of the 650 publishing houses in 24 countries in Baghdad which for long periods were the subject of violence, chaos and terrorism. What is more important than any political speech that indicates that this country is recovering, and your brothers and I do not hesitate to say that perhaps a lot of political forces and political leaders are not in the level of aspiration and the ability of the street to that, but there is a trend and this trend was not achieved in a vacuum but because of victory over terrorism because of What he did It is a great work to eliminate the alleged caliphate of Daish. Let us remember where we were 4 years ago, but we also have a lot of problems. God was helping the Iraqis. God was helping those who are in charge of this country, so that we can achieve the minimum. Of the free and dignified life that the citizen deserves in this country.
Q: Mr. President Since the first moments in which you received the post of President of the Republic, the Iraqi media was busy and follow you an effective and distinguished effort in the many meetings with the heads of state in the East or the West or in the Arab region Do you believe under this effort or this movement or Iraq’s need for this The type of effort It is time to modify the constitutional powers granted to the President of the Republic in accordance with the nature of this effort and these external relations that we need Do you have an answer? It is not because you are a president who needs these powers, but Iraq’s basic need is real. Today we are without courtesy. We have an active president who has a youthful spirit that has an Iraqi national identity and counts on you a lot.
We have made these visits based on an agreed political program here in Baghdad. Iraq is part of this region for decades. This country is a battlefield of conflict and rivalry and conflict for international and regional parties. The Iraqis are the victims of violence and the victims of this conflict. Etc.) This country is unjust from many parties and destroyed this country and destroyed generations because of this situation to stabilize the situation without finding a balanced state of Iraq in its relations, I want the Iraqis are confident that our speech in the Gulf in Tehran in the Kingdom in Egypt in France in Italy with the Americans is the same The discourse and the same logic only e We want to be part of the Axis policy. We want to congratulate our country on the conflicts and absurd conflicts that have engulfed this region. We want Iraq to be a platform for the reconciliation of interests between the countries and peoples of this region. We want a new regional system with Iraq as its center. The problem is yes Is the eradication of terrorism and eradication, but the problem is not less important than that, but perhaps in terms of repercussions are more important and more dangerous, the lives of Iraq today 38 million people and our souls each million million every year, 70% of Iraqis under the age of thirty years, the unemployment rate is high, The Iraqi economy can not, in its current form, create opportunities for these unemployed youth. After years, it will become a serious social and political security problem, threatening not only Iraq but also the region as a whole. The region needs a regional solution based on the creation of economic interdependence and joint economic interests aimed at raising the level of poverty. I am at the Sharm el-Sheikh conference of the Arab-European summit on the basis of Europe and the Arab world, but where is the border and where is the end of an issue in this world? There is a bit of discussion in which we said there is
Q: Mr. President, there is a lot of talk recently about the US presence in Iraq in light of the efforts of some blocs to get a resolution from the House of Representatives to remove these forces .. How do you see these efforts and if you got and issued this decision in your opinion what are the repercussions of this decision on the country?
Mr. President: First, I do not want to talk about hypothetical cases. There is a debate, and as you mentioned some of the projects presented to parliament, let us emphasize the main points. Iraq issues the fight against terrorism. The Iraqis paid a heavy price to end the military call, but I want to emphasize that the final victory. Has yet to be achieved. Yes, there is a long way to consolidate this economic victory politically and intellectually. The security effort must be pursued, a serious victory. And Real but need to be entrenched and dedicated. The third important point that we must stand then we are in the process of assessing the security situation permanently there is no request from Iraq and there is no request from international forces and international elements such as America and non-America to establish military bases here in Iraq or find ground combat forces in Iraq, The commander of the armed forces and the military and security leaders permanently assess the situation. This issue is a serious national security issue. I hope that it is not part of the political debates. We had no time All in the future, our interests first Iraqi security interests of the Iraqi sovereignty will be the criteria that we deal with, once again training and enable the Iraqi forces in the war against terrorism, not military bases, combat and livelihoods ground These are the contexts in accordance with the complex conceptual upon and agreed upon by the political leaders and the government.
Q: It is said after 2003 that the office of the president is greater than his powers. We hope to prove the opposite during this election session. I want to ask you about an important topic in March. President Hassan Rowhani will visit Baghdad. This is the second visit of an Iranian president after 2003 in five years. President Rohani, the preliminary information indicates that Iraq is submitted to the re-operation of the Algiers agreement, which was signed in 1975 and will be modified some of its items and then be signed, there are talks that the Iranians sent a delegation to Iraq. Second, the President talked about a regional system Is the Saudi-Iranian dialogue It is becoming a need or a good interest Aq should require this dialogue and whether Iraq is able to play this role? 
Mr. President/
Of course, President Rohani’s visit to Baghdad will be an important visit. I visited Tehran and we had in-depth dialogues with the Iranian leadership and many of these files were discussed. Our relations with Iran are important. I said in all the countries we visited that Iraq’s interest lies in having good relations Very much with Iran and I was deliberately repeating this phrase in our interest as Iraqis to perpetuate such a relationship and make it mainly from our regional system, we paid a heavy price for any tensions in the past The relationship must be based on respect for sovereignty must be based on common interests We have 1400 km of Border with Iran Iran has embraced the Iraqi opposition and embraced the Iraqi refugees in the recent war against the Iranian proverb that played an important role in supporting the Iraqi forces from resisting and fighting the preacher .. I also speak about the importance of this relationship. In the meeting with President Rohani, we also talked about the 1975 agreement. We also talked about the need for understandings on various contexts that link the Iraqi-Iranian relationship. Inherited from its predecessors and the 1975 Convention of this legacy, which we inherited and mutual obligations of the parties. I know now there are working meetings between the Iraqi side and the Iranian side on this subject. Negotiations have not ended The procedures have not been completed. We await the visit. God willing, it ends with agreements and understandings. Iraqi-Iranian forward, how? And how to? This visit will be clarified .. The dialogue on the basis of the region is very important. Our relations with Iran were not based on our relations with the Arab depth and were not at the expense of our relations with the Gulf and will not be at the expense of our relations with other countries and a work that is beneficial to all parties also beneficial to our people, basically our interest is this, but I also imagine that the parties The other started to deal with realism. I mean, I remember in a meeting with a great Arab leader who spoke about the Iraqi-Iranian relationship. I followed him and told him that our relations with Iran are important to us and so on and so this is our history and this is our geography. Relaxation in the Region, the question is whether these relationships are based on our interests as a country, as a homeland? Or is it from another perspective? I say to the Iraqi National Party that Iraq can be a bridge for better relations between the countries of the region and this is in our interest and in the interest of the region as well.
Q / State President The situation in Kirkuk now stands on the back of the impasse Whenever an incident occurs we go back We recall the events that occurred in Kirkuk Earlier there is talk that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan calls for the post of governor and disputes over the province, let me ask you as President of the Republic and not as a prominent Kurdish leader, The late President Jalal Talabani in resolving the problems related to the disputed areas and also there is a problem on Article 140 of the Constitution, you are today where stand from this dispute and how will contribute to the solution of the problems in Kirkuk? 
Mr. President/
Kirkuk is a sensitive subject and needs radical and urgent treatment. This situation can not continue, so there are many variables that do not want to storm the situation in Kirkuk and the disputed and disputed areas. Article 140 A constitutional entitlement must be implemented. The context of its implementation requires legal and administrative procedures. But Kirkuk is a city in which the Kurdish component of the Arab Turkmen is composed of Christians and other components. Also, this city must after these years lean from the conflict. About this city One of the problems that hit this city must be the need to respect the views of the people of Kirkuk, I called the parties in Kirkuk a while ago in fact at the beginning of the post of President of the Republic, I told them that we want to win a solution from within Kirkuk consensual Kurdish components Arab Turkmen, of course with respect for the components The other existing solution is built on An understanding on the administration in Kirkuk on the security system in Kirkuk, and also another important file has been neglected, but the investment and economic file, Kirkuk this rich city, go to Kirkuk city as if there is no oil, oil in this city only smoke for the people of Kirkuk and not its resources and everyone sings in Kirkuk And all demand Kirkuk, come to agree on the contexts of the solution may be a temporary solution we finish this situation, my estimate and Majasti, although the original people of Kirkuk really tired and asked for bids on their behalf want a solution to their city to their region to win respect for their will requires the cooperation of Baghdad and the region and make sure that there will be We are embracing this solution and we help in that. If this issue is resolved and this node has been overcome, my assessment of the national consequences for the overall situation in Iraq will be very great, do not forget that the problem of Kirkuk and the status of Kirkuk The dispute over Kirkuk has plagued a decade-old problem since the founding of the state
Q / I mean, is it possible to see elections in Kirkuk in the next elections of provincial councils? 
This is a constitutional and legal entitlement. The people of Kirkuk can not deprive them of their right to vote for those who want to run their city. But before the elections, I hope that we will finish building the basic building blocks of understanding among the Kirkukis. In Kirkuk and this solution will be supported and supported by Baghdad and an understanding in the region because without this will continue the suffering and suffering of the Kirkukis and remains a problem of contract in the relations between the region and Baghdad, but also in the end is also a security problem Do not forget that this conflict exists in Kirkuk Abhorrent and extremist to influence many areas and work to sabotage Iraqi security. 
Q / The Governor?
Mr. President: There is a debate on this issue Kurds are demanding the governor and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan as the force that got a greater number of votes consider it their share or their entitlement Brothers in the Democratic Party see otherwise and as the other components have different views so I say in the end not I can deal with this problem from the logic of the President of the Republic. It is my constitutional duty to be a sponsor of all. I do not enter into the core of these terms. But in the end, the status of Kirkuk needs a solution that can not be sustained. This solution must be based on Respect the will Kirkuk and enough resources Kirkuk and enough in the name of Kirkuk these arguments that do not benefit the Kirkukis and do not benefit Kurdistan and the Iraqi national project as well.
Q / Thank you Mr. President for this opportunity .. You mentioned the consultative meeting held two days ago from now and I spoke to you about the importance of the importance of the need for such a meeting and a period of time did not hold such a meeting my question in two Have been agreed in this consultative meeting on tearing political crises and Have you had an atmosphere of confidence to be committed to the outcome of this consultative meeting? Second, if this meeting is so important, why did not influential political leaders attend the political process?
First, this meeting is a consultation meeting that did not come out with the decisions of the concept. It is clear that it is a consultative meeting, and it did not intersect with any of the existing constitutional institutions. There is an agreed constitution that is the basis of the state administration. There is a parliament, a legislative institution, there is a cabinet, there is the presidency, and so on. Because for a long time did not meet the parties to the multiplicity and their differences on one table, and fair there was an atmosphere of care and insistence on the need to solve the problems of the country was a recent in depth and directly on the problems existing if they were in Mosul, if it was in Basra, The issue of The Prime Minister also made an extensive presentation on the latest developments in the security and political situation, as well as issues relating to communication with the countries concerned in the fight against terrorism, and so on. It was a detailed and serious discussion. Some leaders did not attend or delegate their deputies to that meeting. You’ll be in another position, me too The meeting should not last more than two hours only, but it will take more than four or five hours. God willing, in the coming meetings, these issues will be resolved. I also want to say that this consultative meeting was at a political level, but starting with your question, is social mobility important? No? Social mobility is also important. At the Peace Palace, I want to host consultative meetings for socio-cultural, legal and economic initiatives in which we discuss some of the issues that may not be discussed in this context in parliament or other constitutional institutions, so that there is a forum or forum for these competencies to discuss concerns. I hope in this meeting and the meeting that follows to end the recommendations and create an atmosphere that helps us to correct the course of the political process and address the complete imbalance at the heart of the political process, we are talking about the vocabulary now electricity is very important, water is very important, the reality of education is very important Very important, the reality of health medicine to add to it
Q: In short, Mr. President, what is the truth about the leaks and the news that came in the attempt to bring back some of the wanted people to Iraq to be mediated by the Presidency? 
Mr. President: The report, which was published a long time ago and in which the mixing of papers there are one or two of the wanted and then submitted to the judiciary by legal requests are decided according to legal policies and no authority over the law, but this method will not be, there are procedures in the past to be accurate Let’s talk All the measures that took place in some areas were legal in the level required by the Iraqi judiciary? No, I come to my office many of these demands in this or that incident, and fair Iraqi judiciary is taking positive and reviews according to legal contexts, my duty as a protector of the Constitution that won the oppressed and the law, and those who committed crimes must be punished according to the law and there is no selective in Dealing with this topic.
Q / There is an important note in the last question .. Your presence did not invite any woman to the consultative meeting? 
Mr. President: This is not true. I did. This is a good question, but you did not bring any woman with you. I remember, I told the media office that the feminist element should also be present in this meeting. First, with deep regret, my mother, may God have mercy on her, always emphasized me when I said that women are half the society and the mother is the other half. Without any active role for women. Therefore, when I saw the names of the invitees and not any woman representing any of the political forces, we saw Dr. Zekri Alloush’s invitation as the head of the Women’s Empowerment Office. I wish that there were other women and women. 
– The ratio has become one to, …..?
I agree with you I agree with you and hope to become a hot topic and political reality in the country, in parliament if you look at Parliament The performance of women’s component in parliament is one of the best performances, I do not want to mention names, the best of men in some of them are better than some men not all Men. 
– In the Kurdistan region we have a speaker of parliament. 
Mr. President: Yes, exactly, the truth of this is a good observation, so we insisted that there be at least one element of forgetfulness until we turn away the eye of envy as it is said. 
Q: Mr. President, now as a protector of the Constitution, and also among the effort that you are playing, you are now an oppressed egg among the political forces. The American presence in Iraq is different among the political forces. Are you a head of state? Do you feel that the American presence is now necessary? Other presidents, leaders and parliament set a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops because the need is no longer necessary for such a presence now?
Mr. President: I am far from the media debates, in the context that I asked to answer the question the first time training and enabling Iraqi forces to fight terrorism, nothing else in this context perhaps there is something of national consensus in general did not say that there were no different voices and also there In this context, I imagine that national consensus exists but in the end depends on the Iraqi vision of security on the position of the Iraqi government and the Commander-in-Chief of our continued need for these advisers and trainers. This is the basis for the resolution, nothing else. 
Q: Mr. President, the troops there are combat units or advisers. People in the street see the forces and the fighter units that you see and imagine with mobile phones. So far we do not know an official position from the government. Are there combat units? Is there still a need for them?
Mr. President: There is a clear and clear official position that there are no combat forces. 
Q / What we see in the street What? 
The American forces did not participate in the military operations. The US forces did not have combat forces. They did not have combat forces. They supported training forces and part of the arming of the Iraqi army is American armament, for example F-16s and so on. There is a wide margin of national consensus on this subject. There is also a general understanding and agreement not to accept the presence of ground combat forces or to support the efforts of the Iraqi forces to combat terrorism. Promising military. Because this does not exist in the Iraqi demand base remains Iraqi sovereignty basis remains the Iraqi need for these forces and this is what is being dealt with.
Q / Iraq does not need a courageous political decision in some of the slogans that we launched in 2011 and joy and then lost dear blood, all this and did not complete our forces?
Mr. President: Habibi, your words are very accurate. This topic is not subject to the bidding of this subject. It must be dealt with accurately on the basis of the Iraqi interest, Iraqi sovereignty and the Iraqi requirements. I repeat, aside from being dragged behind such slogans and slogans, to be frank and clear. The Iraqi government has played an important role in supporting Iraqi forces in fighting terrorism and achieving victory. Its mission is to train and empower our forces and develop our capabilities in the war against terrorism. No other mission. There should be ground forces. There will be no military bases. This is the basis. P political consensus on this subject, and this confirms what a rational decision kindly by the Iraqi and wisdom and not to be dragged behind the slogans of our sovereignty in our interest to our military requirements, but it is to enable the army to dedicate and consolidate the victory achieved against Daesh.
Q: Mr. President, also briefly .. We always hear about the powers of the post of President of the Republic compared to that may be the position of the President of the Government .. Ask for the President of the Republic for four years to come first .. Second, will we see the President of the Republic three deputies, as happened from the Sunnis and Shiites?
Article 66 of the Constitution states: The Federal Executive Authority shall consist of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister and exercise its powers in accordance with the Constitution, Law and Article 67. The President of the Republic is the Head of State and the symbol of the unity of the country. The sovereignty of the country and is keen to ensure adherence to the Constitution and the preservation of Iraq’s independence and sovereignty and unity and territorial integrity in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution .. These powers are important. Protecting the Constitution is important .. The corner of the executive power is important .. But I want to be accurate in my answer also .. Legal Interpretation WMV Radaat .. We saw in previous periods the relationship between the presidency and the prime minister were not perhaps the required level .. This country is burdened with many burdens that can not withstand the debates and disputes. We need a state speech. We need a state policy. We need a genuine solidarity among the constitutional institutions in order to enable the government to implement its promised program by Parliament and the citizen. I have a close relationship with Dr. Adel, Fadel and we have a long relationship .. We did not move it is in a lot of public issues in the country and I am in the field of my work, but in full coordination with him because this is required .. I can not speak with a governor in Nasiriyah example and tell him we will do this to you and this The government is fighting in its area of ​​competence if there is no tennis S .. I can not go to a country and hold agreements and to otherwise because it would be built into the terms of reference of the government, but the understandings that occur all be in the context of coordination between the two parties .. It is important Jadda..hee second important ..
Q / Vice-Presidents? 
Mr. President: So far the political blocs have different and different views and there are those calling for one deputy or two deputies not a maximum of three. 
The most serious challenge facing the ruling elites is the deep state that has turned them and their sword over them and the Iraqi society, which boycotted by nearly 70% of the recent elections. Where is the president of the republic or the president of the republic? The government of dismantling this deep state and is there a time limit to get rid of the problem started by the Prime Minister and the President and even perhaps the Speaker of Parliament in public?
Mr. Prime Minister: I am taking the initiative to form the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption. This is in itself an acknowledgment of the seriousness of the problem and acknowledging the importance of serious and urgent work in order to confront what is considered the greatest danger to the state project in Iraq. Because this money that steals from the treasury and what is stolen from the contracting ends in pockets of power centers influential in the elections and lead to obstruction of government work and completion of building the required state in this country, adding that corruption requires the perpetuation of violence ..The continuation of chaos and instability .. If not We will not hit corruption Sikh and devote the victory against the dashing .. In the new legislative term, which will begin on the tenth of March there will be legal initiatives submitted to the House on this subject and how to deal with the problem of corruption .. Again many other issues .. The issue is not slogans .. Bajaj To the factors and contexts of legal process and also feasible financial ..
Q: Mr. President, but this deep state has been enabled by the ruling elites, or has it empowered itself and become a gol. 
Mr. President: By God, part of what I preferred is true, but my hope is that there are forces and there are leaders and there is the popular determination and the higher reference in Najaf and the religious leaders who want to drive this trend in the need to confront corruption this rampant bull is no longer acceptable and the state is no longer bearing the continuation This situation. 
Q: In return to the powers of the President also .. It is the powers of the President to submit draft laws to the House of Representatives .. Which laws believe today is the most important .. Which law is working President or write a law now to the House of Representatives?
The fact is that we will have a draft law on the Spyker case and to count them martyrs and enable them to enjoy the rights of their people .. The reality of a serious disaster It is regrettable that we have not been dealing with the families of the martyrs of Spyker in a proper manner and required but now we are also busy drafting a bill to recover the money that went And there are draft laws related to reconstruction. There are constitutional bills that require their presence here. We are working on this. There is high level coordination with the Prime Minister’s Office in this area so that the bills are coordinated. But the presidency and the presidency of the government Raya intends to activate this authority vigorously and submit bills to parliament.
Do not you as the president of the Republic of Iraq as a national I mean here what is happening in the Kurdistan region .. Is the Kurds the tendency of rejection and rebellion after they touched the softness and luxury of power .. I mean here is what is happening from internal conflict in the Kurdistan region .. Is the infection moved politically to the center ?
Mr. President: The reality of the Kurdish situation is not different from the situation of the country in general and not different from the situation of the Kurds from other peoples .. There are competing political streams and rivalries .. There were consensus between the two parties, the Union and the Democratic, an agreement between the late Jalal Talabani and Mr. Massoud Barzani and the absence of Mam Jalal means a state of political mobility .. Now, in my opinion, the Kurdistan region needs to make new internal arrangements and we live in the stage of labor in my estimation on this subject, but the Kurds have always had teams and conflict, but perhaps not much known to others .. I went to public .. No It is harmful in that case if it lasts In the course of the political process, but in the end there is no alternative to the agreement of the main parties because without this agreement will be the situation in the region is dangerous to everyone on the region and the situation in Iraq in general. 
Q: There is a difference in the days of the mountain’s roughness.
Mr. President: The luxury of power .. This is where the roughness of the mountain .. Differences less .. The luxury of power .. Note the Iraqi situation when we were in the opposition despite our differences unite this life did not happen .. The circumstances vary and come .. But in the end the power of Kurdistan is to Baghdad and the power of Baghdad The Kurds have a fundamental interest in building on Baghdad and winning a national democratic Iraqi project because we share it together … Our people in other parts of Iraq, much more than us, may have distinctions. Because I said .. The people of Basra .. The citizen in Basra .. The citizen in Samawah .. Moa A citizen in Mosul and Anbar and a citizen in Sulaymaniyah and Erbil all share in looking forward to a free and dignified life .. to a good school and a good educational system to raise their children to a health system to ensure their health .. To respect their dignity ..
Q: Mr. President, we are very grateful to you, but there is a question that we agreed upon and did not ask. Why did the French refuse to accept the returnees? 
The Iraqi security authorities have withdrawn them and they have surrendered within the framework of a security plan. Those who have committed crimes inside the Iraqi territories have committed crimes against the Iraqis and the right of Iraqi installations and are held accountable under Iraqi law. 
What did they object to the French? What did they demand?
Mr. Prime Minister: They did not demand them, but there is now a debate and discussion. This was discussed at the consultative meeting. The Prime Minister made an extensive presentation on this subject. There are many foreign nationals who do not want to be released. Do we do them? We are concerned with this matter, how to deal with this file, a file with commitments and implications. There is an incomplete Iraqi proposal to the prime minister and he made an offer to the consultative meeting and we are in the process of discussing it, but this will be an important issue that we will answer soon. 
Mr. President, on behalf of my colleagues in Al-Iraqiya, thank you very much for the time you gave us and thank you for the frank answers. Thank you very much. 
Mr. President: Thank you very much, God willing, next time the female component will be present and compensate for the absence this time

Joint operations illustrate its relationship with the International Alliance and the movement of its forces on the ground

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[Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Joint Operations Command explained its relationship with the international coalition and the movement of its forces on the ground and the air.
The joint operations in a statement to the security media cell received the {Euphrates News} copy of it, that “the movement of international coalition forces on the ground and in the atmosphere are conducted within the context of accurate work and conditional approval of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and the command of joint operations.” 
The command stressed that “the International Coalition did not carry out any military operation in western Anbar, and that all operations carried out by Iraqi forces and receive in some of the air support of the International Alliance coordination and specific approvals.” 
“Relations with the International Alliance continue in all activities and areas of work (training, consultation, logistical support, movement on the ground and in the air) and are conducted within strict and conditional working contexts.”



Semi-autonomous region unlikely to meet the requirement to transfer 250,000 barrels per day of oil export revenues to the federal government


Comprehensive agreement between the Democratic and National Government on the Territory and Kirkuk


Politics, security and economyMonday 4 March 2019 – 07:24 PM

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) signed a comprehensive political agreement on the formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the governor of Kirkuk.

The two Kurdish parties, according to local media, reached a final agreement between them, signed by the National Union Kusrat Rasul Deputy Secretary-General of the National Union, and Nijervan Barzani, deputy head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party from the party.

These means indicated that the National Union informed the Democrat that Rizkar Ali is the only candidate to fill the post of Governor of Kirkuk, provided that he begins his functions after the election of the President of the Kurdistan region in the Parliament of the region, and vote the members of the National Union and Democratic blocs in the Kirkuk Governorate Council on the installation of Rizkar Ali Governor.

It also includes the agreement of both sides that the formation of the provincial government and the election of the President of the region, before the feast of Nowruz in March.

The Kurdistan parliament will hold a session within a week and a new speaker of parliament will be elected from the National Union.,15700023,15700186,15700190,15700248,15700253

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks organizes the course “Capital Planning and Liquidity Planning in accordance with the Basel III Decisions”


Economy News Baghdad

On Monday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks organized a course entitled “Capital Planning and Liquidity Planning in accordance with the Basel III Decisions ” at its headquarters in Baghdad.

The director of the administration and training in the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Ahmed Hashemi, during the launch of the session, which was attended by “Economy News”, “The session organized by the Association in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq and the Union of Arab banks,” noting that “it aims to familiarize participants with the most important updates of the Basel Committee and concepts New capital according to Basel III “.

“The session will shed light on the future implementation of Basel III’s internal capital adequacy assessment as well as clarifying the role of regulatory authorities in the supervisory review process,” he added.

“They target the employees of regulatory authorities, market risk managers, risk analysts and internal auditors,” he said.

Oil prices rise to more than $ 65

Editorial Date: 2019/3/4 11:25

{International: Al Furat News} Oil prices rose Monday, backed by OPEC output cuts and reports that the United States and China are close to an agreement to end the bitter fee dispute that has inhibited the growth of the global economy.

Brent crude for global trade was $ 65.25 a barrel by 0713 GMT, up 18 cents, or 0.3 percent, from the latest settlement.

US crude <LCOc1> was $ 55.94 a barrel, up 14 cents, or 0.3 percent.

The price hikes come after reports that the United States and China are close to ending their fruitless trade dispute a year ago.

A source familiar with the talks said on Sunday the two countries appeared to be close to an agreement that would eliminate US tariffs on Chinese goods worth at least $ 200 billion, with pledges from Beijing for structural economic changes and the abolition of fees imposed in retaliation for US goods.,15700022,15700124,15700126,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700237,15700242,15700248&usg=ALkJrhjuQjA80LEIpYfSJI0I2f8_YWUx8Q

Parliament speaker unveils agenda for Saturday session

Editorial date: 2019/3/4 13:40

(Baghdad: Al-Res News) The decision of the House of Representatives, Deputy Khadija Ali, on the agenda of the parliament session scheduled for Saturday.

Ali said in a press statement that “Saturday’s session will include a vote on the candidates of the ministers of defense and interior and justice and justice and the heads of parliamentary committees and the Standing Committee and its rapporteurs,” pointing out that “my allies continue and Fatah completed during the first legislative term of their negotiations on resolving the names of ministers and standing committees.”

She pointed out that “the decision of the Presidency of Parliament moved the sessions of Parliament from the Palais des Congrès, called for the postponement of the first meeting in the second legislative term to the next Saturday, where the presidency had identified earlier on the fifth of March this month, Tuesday, Second legislative term “.

“There is no problem with the transfer of meetings to the Allawi district of Hilla, especially since there are maintenance and restoration works in the Palace of Conferences where regular meetings are held,” she added.

Ali explained that “the parliament will hold more than one session in the building of the National Council and therefore stay in this place or return to the Palace of conferences will be determined by the coming days.”

Baghdad announces the release of salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region

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Shafaq News / Ministry of Finance announced on Monday, the release of salaries and dues of employees in the Kurdistan Region.

A statement of the financial that it has fired the dues and salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region for the current year according to the quota stipulated in the State Budget Law for the year 2019.

“Also has been launched dues of the last three months of 2017 employees of the passports of the Kurdistan region and salaries of dams in the region.