The Federal Court issues an order to suspend voting procedures on the Minister of Defense

Editorial date:: 2019/2/27 11:45

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Federal Supreme Court, issued a mandate to suspend the voting procedures for the post of Minister of Defense until the settlement of the case of Faisal Fener Faisal Jarba.

“The Federal Court held its session today under the chairmanship of Judge Medhat Al-Mahmoud and the membership of all the members of the judges and considered a lawsuit filed by Mr. Faisal Fener Faisal Jarba to challenge the session of the House of Representatives, which was intended to vote, said the spokesman of the Federal Supreme Court Ias Samok. As a candidate for the Ministry of Defense on 24/12/2018.

He added that “the prosecutor’s agent filed a request to the Federal Supreme Court requesting the issuance of a ruling on the suspension of voting procedures for the post of Minister of Defense until the resolution of the case.”

And between Samok that “the court checked the request and decided to respond to him and the decision of my guardian to stop the procedures of voting until the resolution of this lawsuit.”

“The court assigned three forensic experts to conduct their experience in the case to present their report on the case,” he said. “The court swore the experts sworn in.”

The prosecutor said that “the prosecutor explained that the experience required is to calculate the number of deputies present at the meeting and to calculate the number of votes obtained by the plaintiff in that meeting in addition to the counting of votes compared to the movement of the camera and whether the decision makers to inform the presidency the number of votes or do so.”

He pointed out that the lawsuit was postponed until 4/3/2019 to give the experts time to submit their report to the court to give the experience at least one day in advance. ”

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