Details of the Peace Palace meeting


27-02-2019 08:42 PM
Held at the Peace Palace in Baghdad and at the invitation of President Barham Salih, on Wednesday, the National Consultative Meeting.
The spokesman said that the meeting discussed the political and security developments, the latest developments in the war against terrorism, the situation of the military presence in the country, the implementation of the government program and work to overcome differences.
“The meeting discussed the need to adopt visions and ideas that help the decision-makers in the administration of the country and achieve its rise and prosperity and solve the problems that stand in the democratic process in Iraq,” he said. The meeting also touched on the basic legislations that concern the citizen and the relationship between the legislative and executive authorities.
Al-Faily said that both the presidents of the republic and the ministers and parliament provided a detailed explanation on the Arab and regional tours and security preparations and the most important files that will be addressed by parliament in its next legislative term
“Most of the invitees discussed the agenda and its impact on opinions and proposals, stressing that meetings should be held periodically in order to approach points of view that would bridge the gap between the political parties and contribute to laying the principles of democracy and justice in a federal Iraq,” he said. “The meeting stressed that the priorities of the Iraqi leaders to preserve the sovereignty of the country and pursue a policy of self-exclusion and move away from the policy of axes and distance the country from regional and international conflicts and conflicts and be a platform for meeting the interests of the Iraqi people and work to adopt the slogan of Iraq first.
The spokesman added that the meeting was attended by the presidents of the republic, deputies and ministers, the Supreme Court and the Federal Court and leaders of blocs and political parties and national figures and representatives of various components of Iraq.,15700023,15700186,15700190,15700248,15700253&usg=ALkJrhjU__pT3xPC_9q88e3Ch2rd1hyxBA

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