Oil rises to $ 65 with expectations that OPEC will not bow to Trump’s pressure


History of edits:: 2019/2/26 17:32
{International: Euphrates News} Brent crude rose to $ 65 a barrel on Tuesday amid expectations of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the adherence of OPEC members Ptkhvadhathm production, despite renewed US President Donald Trump on the pressures of the Organization.
Prices fell on Monday, at a time when traders left their offices to attend the World Petroleum Week, a series of private sector activities in London, after he called Trump OPEC to ease its efforts to boost the oil market. The US president said that prices “go up too.” 
At 1139 GMT, International benchmark Brent crude rose 24 cents to $ 65 a barrel, after losing 3.5 percent yesterday Alatnin.otraja US crude WTI seven cents to $ 55.41 a barrel. 
It inhibits the rally expectations of higher US crude oil inventories for the sixth straight week.
It is expected that US crude stocks up 3.6 million barrels in the weekly reports of stocks, confirming the adequacy of supplies in the largest oil consumer in the world. The first is scheduled to report on the issuance of the stock at 2130 GMT from the American Petroleum Institute. 
The oil is up almost 20 percent since the beginning of the year, when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries began Petroleum} {OPEC and other producers such as Russia to cut production in an effort to reduce global glut. 
He said Olivier Jakob of the Petromatrix oil analyst is likely that Saudi Arabia is committed to the rest of the OPEC members are cautious about easing their plan to cut supplies, after rising production in the second half of last year before US sanctions on Iran , which led to a significant decline in Alosar.anthy

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