The president returns to Baghdad after visiting Egypt and France


Editorial date: 2019/2/26 22:03 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) President Barham Saleh arrived Tuesday in Baghdad after a visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt and France.
“He delivered the speech of Iraq at the Arab-European summit held in Sharm el-Sheikh in the presence of the leaders of more than 50 countries, as well as holding many meetings and bilateral consultations with heads of Arab and international delegations participating in the meeting, the activities of the summit. 
He added that “during his visit to Paris, the president met at the Elysee Palace, his French counterpart Emmanuel shifty, and discussed with him ways to develop bilateral relations and prospects of cooperation between the two countries, as sovereignty visited UNESCO headquarters, which is the first visit by an Iraqi head of this organization, and met He also has a great touch Lin and the French “.anthy



Important government announcement for 1.2 million families except the region

Release date: 2019/2/26 23:35 
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Minister of Labor Chairman of the Social Protection Authority, Bassem Abdul-Zaman, announced the launch of the first installment of 2019 of social welfare salaries today to more than one million and two hundred thousand families in Baghdad and the provinces except Kurdistan.
The Director General of Information Technology in the Protection Agency, Jamal Abdul Rasool, in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “the total number of families appointed by a man reached (786302), while the total number of families appointed by a woman (440944) “The first batch witnessed the release of the salaries of (91832) family within the two new categories of coverage (third and fourth), totaling a total of more than [335} billion dinars, calling on beneficiary families to review payment centers to receive salaries. 
For her part, the Director General of the Social Protection Fund Jacqueline Salia said that the total amount of the first payment for the year 2019 of the social welfare benefits amounted to {335518459} billion dinars by {234330257} billion dinars for the category of families of male dependents, the total amount of families explained by a woman reached {101188202} Billion dinars. “
The Ministry of Labor called “citizens who have an inquiry or a complaint to call the hotline number (1018).”

Important decisions of the Council of Ministers {expanded}


Release date: 2019/2/26 22:12 
The Council of Ministers held its regular session on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and discussed many issues, and issued several resolutions relating to housing loans and allocations of agricultural engineers and health professionals and contract employees.
A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that the Council “approved the amendment of its resolution No. 12 of 2019 on how to address the issue of employees hired contracts or wages in the ministries and ministries not associated with the Ministry.” 
The Council of Ministers also decided “to appoint applicants on vacant grades within the General Directorate for the cultivation of Wasit, based on the instructions of appointment on the grades resulting from the movement of owners No. 4 of 2018.” 
The Council of Ministers voted to “amend the ceilings and duration of lending to the Iraqi Housing Fund, and on the development of the sewerage project of Husseiniya, the Council approved the authorization of ministers of reconstruction and planning the authority to determine the amounts of investment and price differences and the consequent increase in cost.”
The Council of Ministers decided “to increase the allocations of agricultural engineers and health professionals, where the approval of the inclusion of agricultural engineers in the Council of Ministers Decision No. 233 of 2008, and the allocation of 30% of the nominal salary for health professionals, and raising housing for health professionals up to the third degree and all Addresses that does not entail the creation of functional titles and to accommodate the job description that. 
The Council of Ministers decided to “install the contracts of the Ministry of Electricity and approve the introduction of degrees of employment for the purpose of fixing public companies and directorates funded.” 
The Council approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy Affairs on the extension of the contract for the purchase of electric power with the Iranian company. 
The Council voted to extend the contract of EPC with the Korean consortium for the Karbala Refinery project, and agreed to cooperate with the UNAMI Fund for Reconstruction and Recovery.

Abdul Mahdi determines the fate of the families of Daash and reveal the task of foreign forces in Iraq (expanded)


Release Date: 2019/2/26 20:57 
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Prime Minister, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, identified the fate of the families of gangsters in Iraq.
“We are dealing cautiously with the file of the families of the Dahesh in Syria, in order to ensure the security of Iraq, and we are working to sort out between the besieged families and the families of the callers of Iraqi citizens in Syria,” Abdul Mahdi said at a weekly press conference. 
“We are keen to prevent the infiltration of any evangelist to the community in the interest of our security,” he said. “He is besieged in Syria and is trying to exploit any loophole and we will not allow him to do so.” 
“The foreign forces in Iraq are limited and their mission is shortened in training and counter-insurgency,” he said. 
He pointed out that “the work is continuing to install contract holders in the Ministry of Electricity and are determined to maximize the production of electricity in the summer.” 
However, “they are determined to resolve the files of a strategic with the Iranian president, who is visiting Iraq soon,” pointing out that “there are mutual calls for official visits between Iraq and Egypt.”
“The Supreme Council for the fight against corruption has started its steps and we are working to involve community organizations,” he said, adding that “we are open to any positive development to resolve the crisis of vacant ministries by the blocs.” 
He concluded that “the government is very keen to investigate the competencies and professionals in the assignment of administrative positions, where we will have a word in the management of executive bodies and institutions.

Start the reconstruction of the destroyed banks in Mosul


Central Bank of Iraq

Economy News Baghdad

Ninewa Governor’s Council announced the start of the reconstruction of the destroyed banks on the right side to restore banking services in the province.

The official newspaper “Sabah” quoted a source in the provincial council did not disclose his identity, saying that “Al Faw Engineering Company and in cooperation with engineering elite of service departments within the province, began the reconstruction of banks destroyed within the plan to restore banking service again, after the exit of these banks from service” after The control of what is known as “calling” on the city.

The source added that “these engineering staffs began building the Iraqi Central Bank in Ayman Mosul, as well as branches of the banks of Rashid and Rafidin and Um al-Rubaiein inside Mosul with an indefinite completion period.”

Oil rises to $ 65 with expectations that OPEC will not bow to Trump’s pressure


History of edits:: 2019/2/26 17:32
{International: Euphrates News} Brent crude rose to $ 65 a barrel on Tuesday amid expectations of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the adherence of OPEC members Ptkhvadhathm production, despite renewed US President Donald Trump on the pressures of the Organization.
Prices fell on Monday, at a time when traders left their offices to attend the World Petroleum Week, a series of private sector activities in London, after he called Trump OPEC to ease its efforts to boost the oil market. The US president said that prices “go up too.” 
At 1139 GMT, International benchmark Brent crude rose 24 cents to $ 65 a barrel, after losing 3.5 percent yesterday Alatnin.otraja US crude WTI seven cents to $ 55.41 a barrel. 
It inhibits the rally expectations of higher US crude oil inventories for the sixth straight week.
It is expected that US crude stocks up 3.6 million barrels in the weekly reports of stocks, confirming the adequacy of supplies in the largest oil consumer in the world. The first is scheduled to report on the issuance of the stock at 2130 GMT from the American Petroleum Institute. 
The oil is up almost 20 percent since the beginning of the year, when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries began Petroleum} {OPEC and other producers such as Russia to cut production in an effort to reduce global glut. 
He said Olivier Jakob of the Petromatrix oil analyst is likely that Saudi Arabia is committed to the rest of the OPEC members are cautious about easing their plan to cut supplies, after rising production in the second half of last year before US sanctions on Iran , which led to a significant decline in Alosar.anthy